What Is a Debatable Topic for Term Paper

What Is a Debatable Topic for Term Paper

Published by on 2021-08-10 17:44:49

Paper assignments are varied in their types and topics. And sometimes, students are baffled by themes that they have to come up with. So one of such a quest for them is to write a good debatable topic because they don’t know what factors make it so and how to reveal it in their piece of work. If you’re struggling with it and can’t find any solution to your problem, we’re glad to explain to you all the ins and outs of it. So let’s dive in. 

What Is a Debatable Topic for a Term Paper

The debate can be defined as a game of argumentation. Accordingly, the debatable topic is a statement that you should prove to a person or a group of people that have a controversial opinion. When it comes to term papers, your task is to prove to your readers your opinion by doing your study and mentioning scientists that have researchers that correspond to your thoughts. 

For example, some researchers provide evidence that social media makes people’s lives better. Then, you can read a piece of work that mentions that social media is evil for humanity. Both studies give controversial proof. So we can consider that the topic How Social Media Impacts Human Behavior is debatable. 

Keep in mind that sometimes people say ‘argumentative’ as a synonym of the word ‘debatable.’ 

Factors That Make It So

So you know the definition of such a theme. Let’s clarify the question of what makes a topic debatable:

  • two controversial points of view; 
  • proofs of such points of view; 
  • the ‘eternity’ of the theme. It means that it can be discussed endlessly. 

Debates are practiced in middle and high school to improve students’ speaking skills. However, you can face debates not only on such lessons at school as argumentative essays always have a debatable topic. So be sure that such a theme in a term paper is the same as at school. But the main difference is that you should prove it in your paper, not by speaking. 

What Makes a Topic Debatable

Does a Debatable Topic Have to Be Yes or No?

Yes, it always has the single-valued answer: yes or no. Let’s see two examples. 

In some countries, people can’t decide if it is worth getting vaccinated or not. And such a topic has two controversial opinions:

  1. Yes, we have to get vaccinated.
  2. No, it isn't worth it or is unnecessary. 

And the second instance. Let’s explore the topic: Is Higher Education a Necessary Factor of a Person's Financial Success in the Future? As you know, in 2021, the opinions on such a statement are different. Some people believe that it’s a necessary step to people’s financial success. But some young freelancers demonstrate that education in colleges or universities isn’t as vital as someone thinks. 

How to Write About a Debatable Topic

When writing a research paper on an argumentative theme, you have to follow a standard plan of any term paper. Let’s explore it in detail. 

The Part of the Paper What to Write There
Title You should write the topic there. For example, Is It Worth Banning Mobile Phones at School
Abstract Tell readers in a nutshell about the purposes of your piece of work, your researching methods, and the main results 
Introduction Bring your readers up to date on the problem
Main body Prove your point of view by citing researchers of other people and doing your own study 
Conclusion Write about the results of your work


Conclusion requires to say more about itself. You can demonstrate the scenario when the problem of your work is solved. Or another option: you can say that there is another point of view, and there are many studies that confirm it. By doing so, you’ll show professors that you understand that we don’t have insurance for making mistakes. 

Final Thoughts

We hope that after reading this article, you know the ropes of the debatable topic of research papers. Be sure that if you visited debate classes and had experience in them, writing a paper on such a theme will be a piece of cake for you. Keep in mind that your main weapon is the experience in debates and academic writing.