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Essay Sample on Video Game Addiction

A game is a type of play mainly meant for entertainment. They require specific skills or talents for them to be interesting otherwise they become a burden. Games can eith...
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2021-05-24 04:11:36

Critical Analysis of Cosmocomics and Other Literature

Cosmocomics is an anthology of 12 stories written by Italo Calvino. They were originally written in Italian although they have hitherto been translated to many English ve...
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2021-05-25 15:47:09

Essay on Gambling in Alberta, Canada

Gambling in Canada can be traced back to 1892 when the Canadian Criminal Code banned almost all gambling activities apart from horse racing. At the end of the 19th centur...
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2021-05-26 09:19:17

Essay on the History of Baseball

Baseball is a sport involving batting and fielding between nine players from two teams. The battling team tries to make runs by hitting the ball which is thrown by the op...
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2021-05-26 12:26:24

Report Example: Why Do Americans Love Watching the NFL

Personally, I started watching the sport since I was five years; I can say that I have been a fan ever since I was able to watch TV.3. Particularly why do you enjoy th...
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2021-05-26 10:34:45
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Essay Sample: Are Violent Video Games Necessarily Bad for Children

Due to technological advancement over the past years, the content of video game has improved coupled with the appealing game interface as well as improved graphics. For t...
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2021-05-26 22:27:47

Analysis of the Articles About Shooter Games Effect on Humans

The article is giving a detailed argument on Shooters and how they impact the people playing these games. I tend to believe that this is the topic being covered because t...
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2021-05-28 02:04:26

Illegal Gambling - Essay Example

Illegal gambling is considered a criminal offense in most countries across the globe. Though there are states, which allow, it is prohibited in others. Gambling involves...
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2021-06-01 22:35:09

Internet as a Distraction - Essay Example

The internet is changing people's lives in ways that were not anticipated. With the advancement of technology, people can access information wherever they are as long as...
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2021-06-07 06:18:19

Artificial Tree vs Real Christmas Tree - Essay Sample

Getting that adorable Christmas tree is one of the most critical decisions for many families in the Christmas holidays. Many will have varied opinions on whether to have...
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2021-06-14 02:39:04