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Essay on Developing the Leader Within You by Maxwell

John Maxwell is an American author, pastor, and speaker who has authored many books on leadership such as The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader and The 21 Irrefutabl...
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(1730 Words)
2021-05-25 13:52:22

Senior Narrative: Claude Anderson - Paper Example

Claude Anderson an 86-year-old man whose ambition to life has never been deterred by age or societal expectations of a man of his age. It would surprise you that Claude h...
5 Pages 
(1382 Words)
2021-05-26 08:05:19

Essay on Biblical Principles for Generosity

Not everyone can be able to give in a generous manner, especially giving from the heart. Most of the times people have more than they need but the heart of giving wholehe...
2 Pages 
(639 Words)
2021-05-27 21:25:11

Essay About Immigration to America: The Time I Felt Successful

The time I felt successful was when my family and I immigrated to the United States four years ago. The reason why I felt successful was that I never knew I would ever li...
3 Pages 
(847 Words)
2021-05-28 10:53:10

My Contribution to the Society - Essay Sample

First of all, I cannot mention my valuable experience in Korean army. After I finished the first year of the university, I applied to a military service. Actually, in our...
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(922 Words)
2021-05-28 02:49:49
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Essay on Values That People Should Live With

Values are fundamental in ensuring one attains better clarity and sharp focus in life. Values in many ways serve as the filter or sift through which one makes the choices...
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(555 Words)
2021-06-08 11:28:29

Essay on Changes in Life

When it comes to change, you either instigate it or you conform to the after effects. How do individuals use change for self-preservation? Change begins with oneself. Ste...
3 Pages 
(837 Words)
2021-06-09 14:23:49

Essay on the Place I Call Home

It was one week after my graduation, I woke up early and took the first train to take me away from Boston. The noise and all its people. I was alone on the train and ha...
3 Pages 
(866 Words)
2021-06-10 16:58:01

Life Time Achievement - Essay Example

We individually possess the power and ability to shape our destiny. Thus the actions we take will determine as to whether we will actualize our dreams or not. This argume...
4 Pages 
(1199 Words)
2021-06-10 15:45:52

Personal Challenge Story Paper Example

In life, we are usually bound to be faced with challenges. These challenges may either make or break us. The challenges in life if taken seriously may mean or rather have...
4 Pages 
(1146 Words)
2021-06-18 04:05:25