Public Health

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Australian and the International Students Drinking Habits

The research focuses on drawing a comparative analysis between Australian and the international students drinking habits. Overall, the data shows that overseas and Austr...
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2021-05-19 01:03:21

Questions on Public Health: Pregnancy Duration and Air Quality Values

1) The length of human pregnancies from conception to birth varies according to a distribution that is approximately normal with mean 266 days and standard deviation 16 d...
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2021-05-19 22:38:15

Review of the Womens Health Initiative Article

Women health initiative (WHI) is a preventive clinical trial developed by the federal government in finding a solution to chronic diseases (Burstein et al. 2010). Hormone...
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2021-05-20 12:32:14

The Intake of Vitamins and Its Effects

The intake of vitamin A is 246.78 micrograms while the recommended is 900.00 micrograms, this comprises of only 27 percent of the recommended amount. This deficiency has...
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2021-05-20 16:39:31

Social Worker Placement: The Story of Betty

As Betty narrates her story to me, I am keenly listening and nodding my head for her to know that I am paying attention. For Betty to unload her problems on me, it means...
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2021-05-21 03:15:42
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Benefits of Electronic Health Records

There have been major changes in the healthcare sector over the recent past, a factor that has been linked to different forces and factors. This has happened all over the...
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2021-05-24 08:36:03

Essay on Reproductive Techniques and Technologies: Cohen and Mcmahan

The topic regarding reproductive techniques and technologies has emerged to be one of the majorly discussed topics in the field of reproductive health. Today, it has beco...
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2021-05-24 07:15:53

Essay on the Morality of Reproductive Screening and Technologies

Reproductive health is a major concern, especially to women of child bearing age, in the society today. This has further been accentuated by the recent advancement in rep...
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2021-05-24 11:15:10

Essay on Memory Distortion in People Reporting Alien Abductions

The paper deals with the analysis of false memories and the dissociations of memories from the conscious mind. The research indicates that exposure to trauma or any other...
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2021-05-24 09:08:27

Essay Sample on Video Game Addiction

A game is a type of play mainly meant for entertainment. They require specific skills or talents for them to be interesting otherwise they become a burden. Games can eith...
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2021-05-24 04:11:36