50 Best Term Paper Topics for Criminology

50 Best Term Paper Topics for Criminology

Published by on 2021-08-10 09:20:59

More and more students are drawn to the idea of making their career in the field of criminology. And it’s not surprising. First, because we live in such a world where crime in some countries is increasing every year, the occupation in criminology seems to be a perfect choice that can also be well-paid. And people are needed who would deal with the cases concerning prison visitings, drug treatment programs, or working in different criminology departments. Second, studying crime motives and abnormal behavior is a very challenging task. But it is what attracts young people who have a great concern in studying human behavior, social factors, various responses to certain conditions, and analyzing the crime throughout the time. This knowledge helps the students to create definite skills in the process of their research. 

Choosing to study criminology and learning corresponding subjects is not the only difficult thing most students come across. Learning to structure their research paper works might be as challenging as finding an appropriate topic for an assignment. When dealing with a topic for a research paper, whether it is a term paper topic for criminology or any other kind of assignment, it is important to follow a particular structure:

50 Best Criminology Paper Topics Students Tend to Choose

Sometimes choosing a topic is not an easy job for a student. There is a great variety of options they can pick out from on the Internet using reliable sources. Or asking their professors and teachers to help them with the choice also can be an option. However, it’s hard to develop one particular issue within that wide variety of suggestions that would matter so much to be discussed. Some topics happen to be used more often in research paper works. 

These hot topics are considered relevant due to the current situations today or because students feel a deep concern about the issues the topic may reveal. For example, one of the most crucial criminology research questions is “why do people commit crime and violence?” It has always been a big concern for people in every society. To come up with the answer, consider the hottest topics and why they have such popularity among students.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is one of the biggest problems in the world today. Students are interested in the cause of people being bought, sold, and smuggles. The reason young people chose this topic is not only to learn the ways people get hurt and used in smuggling circumstances but also to find the ways to prevent it from happening in the future. It was a great issue to stop people from being used in forced labor and sexual slavery. Today women are exposed to a big risk of being exploited for forced marriages. Children are kidnapped for organ extraction. Raising these issues in criminology papers helps students analyze the case and think about stopping this crime. Look through the list of topics devoted to this particular subject:

  1. Child exploitation.
  2. The beginning of human trafficking. How it started.
  3. Kidnapping.
  4. How to prevent human trafficking.
  5. The countries which are most involved in human trafficking.
  6. Why should people know about human trafficking?
  7. How human rights are violated.
  8. Globalization and human trafficking.
  9. The effect of human trafficking.
  10. Why human trafficking is a global problem.
  11. The danger of human trafficking.
  12. The influence of human trafficking on the economy.
  13. Human trafficking background.
  14. The psychological aspect of human trafficking.
  15. Victims and criminals of human trafficking.
  16. Why human trafficking is such a frequent case in the world today.
  17. Books about human trafficking.
  18. How can government deal with human trafficking?
  19. What can human trafficking grow into?
  20. Historical facts about human trafficking.

Child Abuse

One of the big concerns today is children being offended and abused. By choosing this topic, students discover different forms of maltreatment that are threatening to a child. Most frequent abuse causes happen at home by a parent or a relative, and children have trouble sharing this experience with anybody. It causes more problems because undetected abusers cannot be punished. 

Students discuss this matter in their works and try to find different approaches on how to help children not being afraid to talk about it to strangers or how to deal with parents who allow themselves to treat their children in an abusive manner. Students raise many aspects in this topic providing different statistics and research investigations. The students’ concern on the issue is so big that it can not leave them indifferent when choosing criminology research paper topics. Look through the topics related to the child abuse category:

  1. Who can become an abuser?
  2. Specific areas and offenders: Is there a connection?
  3. How to stop child abuse.
  4. Social services that deal with child protection.
  5. The line between punishment and child abuse.
  6. Counseling: Is it effective?
  7. How do social services deal with child abuse?
  8. Functions of the child’s advocate.
  9. The forms of child abuse.
  10. How to identify the victim of child abuse.

Domestic Violence

Students usually can’t omit such a topic, especially when it concerns the forms of violence committed toward family members. Spousal abuse is very common nowadays, and it should be of great concern. Students raise different criminological research questions regarding this matter in seeking more details on how to help people avoid the violence at home when one member of the family tries to show dominance physically and psychologically. Young people also learn to help the victims who were harmed. The main reason people choose this topic is learning the cases and searching for ways to prevent them. Domestic violence is one of the factors which leads to crime, and, as a consequence, it breaks down the norms and values in society. Learn the most popular topics on this particular subject:

  1. Domestic violence and the law.
  2. Marital rape.
  3. Rape on dating.
  4. Beaten wives.
  5. Beaten husbands.
  6. Patricide.
  7. Domestic violence in the workplace.
  8. Feminism in domestic violence.
  9. Domestic violence in popular cultures.
  10. How to control domestic violence.
  11. Social class and domestic violence.
  12. Depression and domestic violence.
  13. What is the correlation between pregnancy and violence?
  14. How domestic violence differs from country to country.
  15. Disabled people and violence.
  16. Spousal violence.
  17. Domestic violence courts.
  18. Urban areas and domestic violence.
  19. The social and economic cost of violence.
  20. Police reaction to domestic violence.

If you have doubts about what topic to choose and find reliable resources that would help you cope with the task, ask your teachers or professors for advice. They can assist you during the whole process so you will be confident in fulfilling your work.