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What Is a Sociology Essay?

Students who study sociology will often be required to write a sociology essay. This assignment is usually based on library research, but can also be based upon empirical content. You must answer a research question in your sociology essay and then argue persuasively for the assertion.

Sociology assignments are all argumentative. You must convince your readers that you claim is true and provide the information necessary to back it up in a particular order. This means you must structure your sociology essay in an order that is consistent with the topic. The introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion are the most common parts of sociology essays.

Your instructor may have given you the topic to write about. If so, follow the instructions in the assignment. For your sociology class, you may be required to write different types. You may be asked to:

  • A summary of a text

  • Compare and contrast two texts

  • Explain or interpret a passage

  • Apply a theory

  • Critique or evaluate an argument, theory, or other matter.


Sociology Essay Topics Ideas

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  10. Essay on Evaluation of Research Concepts in Sociology
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