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Some students might find writing research papers about health care difficult. All of them had to deal with medical terminology. Understanding pharmacological and therapeutic terminology is one of the biggest challenges when writing about health care.

The type of essay you write for Healthcare and Medicine will depend on the course that you are taking. This means that if you're an ER nurse, your writing range may include essays about stress management and the specifics of this nursing department. Before you begin your assignment, it is worth looking at essay samples about Healthcare and Nursing. Our Healthcare and Medicine essays provide special examples that will show you how to write your thesis and support it with arguments. 

To plan your essay, you can use this outline. Let's take, for example, an argumentative essay about Alternative medicine.

  1. Introduction. Give some background information about the field you are interested in. In the body of your essay, introduce the questions you will answer. Please explain your decision and the relevance of it. Describe the research methods used and the sources. The thesis statement is a sentence at paragraph's end. Your arguments, counterarguments and point of view should be included in this sentence.
  2. Body. In general, you will need at least three paragraphs. Two should support your position, one should be against. Be sure to pay attention to the quality and relevance of your examples. Verify that the sources are reliable and relevant.
  3. Conclusion. Summarize and analyze your findings. Describe how your essay supports your opinion, and then reaffirm your thesis statement.

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