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Solving School Troubles with Free Essay Samples and More

Don’t you just love writing papers?

It’s so easy to come up with a great idea and fill pages upon pages with unbreakable arguments and irrefutable evidence. And your mastery of English has no equal, so you barely make mistakes or typos. All your papers get straight As, and as soon as you turn in an essay, you’re eager to move on to the next one.

Don’t worry if that doesn’t sound anything like you. No one is so in love with writing papers, even the annoying know-it-all in your class who’s never got a grade below 99%.

The truth is that writing is part talent, part skill. You need innate love for words and extensive experience to survive the host of college writing assignments, let alone become the next Hemingway or Shakespeare. But, most importantly, you need some help and guidance, which professors and TAs never bother to provide. That’s what Midterm Guru is for. We strive to address your every writing need, from finding inspiration to taking over your assignments or editing and proofreading your drafts. Take a sneak peek at what we can offer.

Access Thousands of 100% Free Essays

First and foremost, Midterm Guru is an extensive database of free essay samples available for browsing and downloading. Every day we add dozens of new entries to our collection thanks to generous student contributions. We screen and categorize them to make your search for inspiration easier.

Please, remember that we do not proofread or edit student-submitted papers. Every essay is published as is, so some mistakes and typos are possible. Midterm Guru is not responsible for the samples’ contents and may not agree with the ideas presented in student submissions.

Before we get into how to use essay samples for college to get fast results, we must share a crucial warning. We DO NOT recommend you copy and submit any of the examples under your name. We cannot be sure whether these papers are present in plagiarism checkers’ databases, but the likelihood is high. So if you turn in an unaltered sample of college essay and your professor runs it through Turnitin, the similarity percentage will be high. At best, you will fail the assignment; at worst, your indiscretion will go into your school record. In extreme cases, you might get expelled.

If you cannot submit samples for grading, what use are they?

We’ll share a few ideas, and you will probably come up with a few more once you get into the right mindset:

  • Search the essay titles for ideas. It’s the fastest way to develop a paper topic. Besides, you don’t have to use the title verbatim. Instead, you can twist and alter it to fit your vision of the paper. And if you feel adventurous, combine two or more sample titles into one uber-topic for a compare and contrast essay, research or term paper.
  • Plunder reference sections for sources. Instead of blindly grabbing every book and journal from the library, use the sources that are guaranteed to fit the topic. And if you need a few more sources, consider the reference sections within the publications cited. They will surely produce a few more relevant books and articles for your use.
  • Steal the most brilliant ideas and the strongest arguments. You don’t have to rack your brain to come up with good points when there are already solid ideas you can use within the samples we offer. These statements and topic sentences are the most valuable pieces to borrow.
  • Keep an eye out for clever phrasing. If your writing style is a work in progress, look for smooth transitions and effective word choices within the samples you use. Pick and adopt the best pieces for your paper.
  • Rewrite and paraphrase the whole thing. Reworking and writing essay examples anew from the ground up is an excellent way to develop your style. But it’s also the fastest way to complete your assignment and pass the class. If you choose this option, remember to go beyond replacing random words with synonyms. You need to rework sentence and paragraph structure to fool the advanced plagiarism checkers most schools use.

The Most In-demand Topic Categories

We don’t like to brag, but our essay examples library is pretty impressive, with thousands of entries on dozens of topics. So it’s only natural to feel overwhelmed or lost when faced with all the options. To help you make sense of our collection and guide your search, let us share trending categories that have recently captured your fellow students’ attention. Consider one of these options if you don’t know where to find your muse:

Top Literature Topics

Literature is one of those classes you pick expecting an easy pass, but instead, it makes your life living hell. Not only do you have to slog through endless dull books, but you also have to come up with dozens of analyses, critiques, and essays. So it’s no wonder American and World Lit are ever-popular among thousands of our free college essays. Check out the most sought-after entries in our database; you might find something to help with your Literature assignment:

Top STEM Topics

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics are not for the faint of heart. It takes grit and persistence to get in and stick around for four years to get a degree in hard sciences while dealing with countless assignments. Our STEM essay samples may not fit your assignment prompt perfectly, but you can surely find something of use among the most in-demand entries in our database:

What Do You Do When Essay Samples Don’t Help?

We do our best to provide guidance and inspiration, but we’re not infallible. Every once in a while, a student cannot find a suitable free essay to copy, adapt, or dissect. If your search is fruitless or you’re out of time for research and writing, do not despair. Instead, contact our support team, and we’ll resolve your problem. Share your assignment prompt, and we’ll find an expert writer to deal with it. We can write your paper from scratch or deliver a thorough rewrite of one of our free essays that will pass any plagiarism check with flying colors.

The worst thing you can do is continue to struggle on your own, waiting for your school problems to resolve themselves. They never do; instead, they pile up high enough to bury you alive. So don’t fall into the trap, and let us help you in any way we can. Reach out today to take the first steps towards academic freedom and success.

Frequently Asked Questions

You must have many questions about our essay writing service. We have compiled a list of the most popular questions and answered them for you:
  • Where can I find free essays?

    Start with our collection of thousands of free samples across dozens of categories. Use the search bar or browse papers by category to find what you’re looking for. And if you need a hand, get in touch with our support team.
  • How did you manage to create such an extensive essay database?

    We rely on student contributions. Most are happy to share the papers that have already been graded to help fellow students and enjoy lovely bonuses from us. With dozens of new entries coming in every day, we do not edit or proofread them. We merely categorize and publish submissions in an as-is state. So if you choose to use our samples, look out for potential mistakes.
  • How can students benefit from using your samples?

    The options are endless. For starters, students can browse sample titles to develop an essay topic. You can also mine examples for ideas, references, thesis statements, clever transitions, and quotes. Some manage to get away with a thorough rewrite of one of our samples when the time is tight.
  • What else do you have on your website?

    Our goal is to make writing assignments painless and easy for you. Aside from free samples, we provide detailed, actionable writing guides for various paper types in our blog. We also post topic ideas and other helpful resources there. And our writing team is always on standby, ready to lend a hand in editing, proofreading, and taking over any assignment.
  • Can I use information from to get inspiration for my essay?

    Sure. That’s the main reason we created this collection of free essays. Feel free to borrow ideas, topics, references, and more from one or more samples. You can browse them online or download the best examples for later use.
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