Interesting Term Paper Topics About Ancient Civilization

Interesting Term Paper Topics About Ancient Civilization

Published by on 2021-08-10 11:56:48

Oh, you’ve got a new paper assignment. Now, you have to write a term paper on History, about Ancient Civilization, in particular. But the fact is that it’s difficult to choose a theme that’ll surprise your readers and help you get the highest mark. So continue to read this article, and we’ll tell you about how to find an interesting term paper topic for Ancient civilization and how to choose it. 

How to Find Ancient History Research Paper Topics

Keep in mind the golden rule of searching for the theme of your study: you have to know the ropes of your subject. If you’re a pro in your niche, it’s as easy as ABC to find a tremendous topic. 

So you should:

  • read articles in journals about history; 
  • watch documentaries about the Ancient world; 
  • talk about history with people. 

Then, your task is to realize which location is appealing to you. For example, if you’re crazy about Ancient Rome, consider the following Ancient Rome research topics:

  1. What Caused the End of the Roman Empire? 
  2. Why was the Roman Empire so Rich?

As you see, such themes are abstract and can help you to write a study in one night. But if you have more time and are capable of spending more hours on your piece of work, think about deeper world history project topics:

  1. Slavery in the Ancient Rome. 
  2. Comparison of the Roman Art and the Greece One.
  3. Social Classes in Rome. 

So let’s move to topics that can act as examples of the theme for your study. 

Interesting History Research Paper Topics

If professors in your institution allow it, you can choose any time of the Ancient World. Keep in mind that the more ancient time is, the less information you can find about it. So if you aren’t scared about it, let’s write about the Bronze Age:

  1. Arab Countries in the Bronze Age.
  2. Bronze Age Economics.
  3. The Art of the Bronze Age.

The third idea requires exploring it in detail. Let’s dive in. 


In general, if you’re searching for historical research paper topics and your deadlines are tight, the easiest way on how you can do it is to analyze the art of the Ancient World. For instance:

  1. The Art of Arab Countries in the Bronze Age.
  2. The Art of Ancient Egypt. 
  3. The Art of Ancient Greece. 

As an option, you can compare the art of different cultures. Your conclusions can be very surprising for readers. 

Famous People

One of the best history topics for a research paper is the theme of a famous person. You can take only one person and get multiple ideas! Let’s see how it works on the Julius Caesar example: 

  1. Julius Caesar and War.
  2. The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. 
  3. Julius Caesar Rise to Power.
  4. Julius Caesar as Influential Political Leader.
  5. The Name of Julius Caesar on Historical Background. 

Also, it’s okay if you take a famous woman and research her life and achievements. For instance:

  1. Cleopatra as the Seventh Queen of the Nile.
  2. Antony and Cleopatra.
  3. Cleopatra: Rise and Ascension.
  4. Cleopatra and Her Position in Society.
  5. Cleopatra as an Iconic Female Ruler in History. 

Let’s explore the next niche where you can find ideas for your piece of work. 


All Ancient civilizations had an experience in war. So you can discover battles and think about why one of the sides has failed. To get inspired, we provide you with the most decisive battles in the Ancient world:

  1. Battle of Red Cliffs. 
  2. Battle of Hydaspes. 
  3. Battle of Changping.
  4. The Siege of Syracuse.
  5. Battle of the Metaurus. 
  6. Third Servile War.
  7. Battle of Salamis.

You can analyze any aspect that is appealing to you. For instance, you can think about the role of Alexander the Great in the Battle of Gaugamela. As a result, you’ll get a theme: The Role of Alexander the Great in the Battle of Gaugamela. 

Look at Other Works

And the last thing we wanted to say is that you can find a good theme by exploring Ancient history essay topics. Yes, their filling doesn’t match when it comes to research papers, but your task is to read titles to get inspired. For example, there is an essay topic Philosophic and Cultural Timeline of Ancient Times. To turn this theme into a good one for a term, you just have to find researchers on the Internet or in books. 

As a result, the topic is the same, but it’s filling is different. 

Final Thoughts

So we’ve listed historical argument topics and some ways to find them on your own. Keep in mind that nobody prohibits you from using topics that other students use. This is because you have your own point of view of every theme, and your reasoning may surprise professors. It’s possible that you reveal a certain topic from a new perspective.