Leadership Essay: Writing Tips and Examples

Leadership Essay: Writing Tips and Examples

Published by on 2021-07-09 19:15:34

The educational process is a cycle that aims to give you the necessary knowledge in a particular area. That is why students often need to write papers to improve their skills and learn how to formulate thoughts. In addition, almost everyone has leadership qualities. Your professor's job is to provide a trigger to activate them. One of the most affordable ways is a leadership essay.

Many people may be faced with such a task for the first time and not know where to start. But is everything so complicated, or is this paper no different from a regular essay? This is partly true. Any leadership essay is a paper aimed at showing someone's strengths and leadership qualities. In other words, it is a kind of personal manifesto, the purpose of which is to point out your key qualities and how this might affect your future or other people.

How to Write a Leadership Essay About Yourself?

First, you need to decide on your ultimate goals. This type of paper is usually written by people wishing to go to college or applying for a scholarship. In this case, you should indicate exactly why you are worthy of joining college or relying on financial incentives. If your professor gave you this assignment to reveal your talents, you could concentrate on those qualities you acquired in college.

Make a Good Outline

Before you move on to listing your strengths, goals, and ambitions, you should start with a detailed outline. This is the basis that will help organize all your thoughts. Take 30-40 minutes, and you won't have to try to connect chaotic thoughts. Typically, you will follow a 5-paragraph structure. There are three main elements:

  1. Intro. Indicate your interpretation of true leadership qualities. Then, start with some hook to help you continue your reasoning.
  2. Body. Explain the importance of leadership qualities in the modern world. Give a couple of examples and support your judgment with strong arguments.
  3. Conclusion. This is the final part where you should summarize all of the above. Again, try to be persuasive when it comes to your qualities as a leader.

As you can see, not everything is as scary as it seemed at first glance. This is a standard essay but with an emphasis on leadership and ambition. You need to focus on what you want to describe and present as positive qualities. Then you can be convincing.

How to Start a Leadership Essay and Not Be Unconvincing?

So you've decided to act right now and want to know where you should start. This is the right decision as the introduction determines the importance and value of your statements. What will make your paper the best? Start with a hook that allows you to highlight your leadership qualities. Perhaps you should give an example where your honesty and unscrupulousness allowed you to achieve justice.

Let’s say you have ever had the opportunity to take advantage of your status but chose to abstract from the regalia and achieve success on an equal footing with others. Or maybe you set a personal example that helped your friends and family become better. Do not describe certain situations for too long and sing praises to yourself. A few sentences are enough to start your paper.

Strong Introduction Example

When you start writing your paper, you may face a lot of difficulties. Where to start and what aspects will be relevant for the first paragraph? Should you introduce an interesting fact or provide an original judgment? The first thing you need to do is find a sample essay on leadership. If you are a beginner, such a solution will allow you to check all aspects of creating paper and avoid elementary mistakes. Here's an example of an introduction to help you.

Topic: Leadership is the key to business prosperity.
More than 64% of startups need a strong and confident leader, according to a 2018 Bloomberg study. It is a critical parameter for fundraising and brand positioning in the international arena. A strong leader is a key to the successful management and promotion of any company. Without such a key player, the team of any startup cannot exist. A leader is a moral guide and trendsetter who can change everything with one interview or speech. That is why the qualities of a leader need to be instilled in children even at the stage of forming their personality.


This topic is pretty trivial, but it illustrates well where you can start. Having a real example will make it easier for you to focus on your personal qualities or describe a person or event. On the other hand, don't be afraid to act in a formulaic way. In the early stages, you can stick to the structure you find in the examples. But you have to adapt any sample to your needs.

Tell the Story With Facts

So, you have successfully overcome the first part. Now it's time to talk about your skills and qualities. Draw a parallel between your words at the beginning and the specific situations that showed your leadership qualities. The first paragraph is a kind of springboard for the start of your story. The second part is a place for the backstory. What contributed to your personal growth? What factors became fundamental for you? Feel free to read the leadership essays examples to understand how you should present the data.

The third paragraph is a good place to focus on a specific quality and connect your thoughts to the earlier described facts. Emphasize honesty, unscrupulousness, or other qualities to make a compelling case for all of your claims. The final paragraph should always explain why the leader's shirt is so important to you. What is your main motivation? Are there any long-term goals that you are going to achieve? List all items.

Top 5 Tips to Make Your Essay Perfect

It's time for some valuable tips to help newbies stand out from the crowd. Do not think that all other people are geniuses and manage to cope with any task in 5-10 minutes. However, here are five good tips you shouldn't ignore. You can avoid any problems if you follow each point carefully.

1. Gather Your Thoughts

Take your time; otherwise, you can make a lot of mistakes. Brainstorm to generate ideas for your paper. Perhaps you should even do a small draft and organize everything you want to indicate in your essay. Just 10-20 minutes, and you can create a draft to know the sequence of your actions.

2. Share Any Experiences

Your experience must back up leadership. If you claim that you are excellent at dealing with stressful situations, you should indicate when your skills had the desired effect. Don't be shy. Speak the truth and try to maintain a neutral tone, even though you may be praising yourself.

3. Strong Argument Is a Must

Gossip is a recipe for failure. If you are going to put forward any statement, your words must be substantiated and supported by some data. Remember to show why you or someone else is the leader. What is the essence of your qualities, and how do you show your talents in the real world? These are important questions that you need to answer.

4. Provide Guidance to Those Who Aspire to Lead

Let's say you described any of your actions that characterize you as a real leader. How can you inspire someone to repeat your result? First, indicate what effect your action had and why you did it right. Then your guidance will cement the value of your paper.

Take a look at your assignment from a reader's perspective. What would you like to see first? Perhaps you need any advice or guidance? Or do you want to see more than one motivating example? Then, try to improve your paper and adhere to all parameters to achieve the best result.

Final Thoughts Matters

Let's say you've done a good job, and your paper looks convincing. But what about the final paragraph? Your thoughts are important because they allow you to summarize and draw certain conclusions. The final part is just as important as the introduction. You cannot stop halfway and claim that you are the leader.

Summarize and say that your qualities could develop only due to certain life situations and the need to take the initiative. Then, describe the difficulties that have hardened your character and allowed you not to stop because of failure. This will be a great solution for your paper.