Top 50 Interesting Proposal Essay Topics and Ideas

Top 50 Interesting Proposal Essay Topics and Ideas

Published by on 2021-07-07 09:24:11

Coming up with a top-notch and impressive proposal essay is one of the standard academic assignments most students face when learning at colleges and universities. Like many other papers, a winning proposal essay should reflect a deep knowledge in a particular field, cover up the topic in detail, and offer effective solutions. To meet all these requirements, it is vital to pick up a perfect topic. In this post, you will discover some interesting proposal essay topics and will have an opportunity to put some handy writing tips into practice. 

Proposal Essay: Basic Facts for Students 

Before you start searching for a splendid topic for your academic assignment, it might be great to explore some basics of your paper. This will help you get a more advanced vision of what and how you are expected to write about. 

To put it simply, a proposal essay should contain an issue or a puzzle you will give a solution to. This type of paper requires doing complex research, picking up the most up-to-date and relevant solution, and sharing impressive conclusions. Moreover, it should be written in an accurate, well-structured, and readable manner. Being comprehensive, broad, and rich in details are also among the features of a nice essay. In short, you will need to demonstrate a particular issue and find the best course of action to solve it in the most effective way. To meet all these academic goals, you should pick up the most fitting idea from the list of good topics for proposal papers. Moreover, your paper should have a well-designed and understandable structure. 

Creating a Proposal Essay: The Best Structure 

If you want to create a great proposal essay, you should meet the requirements for the basic structure of this academic paper. These are the obligatory logical components your essay should contain.


This part is a traditional beginning of most types of writings. The introduction is the best place to represent some basic ideas of what you are writing about, show off some chief information about your topic, and depict your thesis statement.

Proposal Argument Ideas


This part is also known as a statement of purpose. In other words, this is the main idea you are going to adopt in the upcoming parts of your paper. By the way, it is necessary to avoid diving into details, precise facts, and examples when writing a proposal.

Action Plan 

This is an advanced schema of how you are going to achieve your proposal. The action plan usually takes a significant part of your academic paper, where you will need to demonstrate the results of your research and show off your writing skills. Please note that you will need to dedicate a separate paragraph to each of your facts or pieces of evidence. 


The final part of your proposal essay should contain the key points you’ve mentioned in the previous paper’s parts. It would also be good to add a call-to-action, but this feature is not a must-have. Double-check whether your conclusion is powerful enough, short, and precise. 

How to Choose the Most Impressive Proposal Argument Ideas

When you figure out the basic essay structure, it’s time to pick up a topic for your essay. Although this process might take you much time, it is important to pay extra attention to your topic since it is always a key to successful writing. 

Avoid Common Solutions 

The most impressive topics usually represent your enthusiasm and willingness to do advanced research. Therefore, avoid picking up too common solutions that are selected by hundreds of students every year. This might look unprofessional and make your paper’s reader yawn. It is better to select a more up-to-date, innovative, and creative topic to impress the audience.

Search With Your Interests in Mind 

The secret tip to make your writing process smoother and easier is to choose a topic you are interested in. The fact is that when you are searching for info about something exciting, you cope with the task faster and become less distracted. If you are working on exciting ideas, your writing will likely appear more professional and rich in facts. The reason is that you share your passion with the readers, make them more engaged, and show better overall results. 

Do Research Before Choosing a Topic 

Not only will you need to pick up a whizbang topic, but you are also expected to find relevant information for your academic paper. Therefore, it is better to pick up several different topics and then do the research. You will need to look for the newest info about the chosen solutions, discover fresh facts and statistics, as well as cover the topic from different sides. Sometimes it happens that you fail to find enough information about a particular field, so feel free to switch to an easier alternative. Remember that you will need to compose a list of credible sources you’ve used during writing at the end of your paper. 

Think of a Debatable Topic 

The most sapid topics are those that you can discuss. That is why it is good to select a controversial topic rather than a boring solution everyone has heard about dozens of times. Feel free to include a couple of opposing ideas in the body paragraphs of your proposal essay. 

Good Proposal Topics for Writing an Impressive Proposal Essay 

If you would like to determine a win-win topic for your essay, this process might appear to be too challenging. Countless topics for different types of academic papers are available online, but not all of them are latter-day and original. We’ve collected a list of the freshest and most practical topics for you right here below. 

Good Topics for Proposal Papers

Best Topics on Education 

The process of learning is one of the most disputable topics for many students. How to become more productive? What are the most important skills for teachers? You can choose any of these topics or pick up any other great alternative from our hotlist: 

  1. How to avoid making the most common mistakes in fundamental learning?
  2. Most innovative solutions to encourage students to learn.
  3. Uncommon reasons for increasing your academic performance.
  4. The most effective ways to choose a subject for future studies.
  5. Why is effective communication between teachers and learners so important? 
  6. Drawbacks of a college education.
  7. Modern alternatives to grades at primary schools.
  8. Most effective ways to measure a student's academic performance?
  9. Forbidden methods for teaching children.
  10. How to help students develop their leadership skills.
  11. The necessity of learning foreign languages at school.
  12. Is watching videos effective for learning?
  13. The future of wrong-thinkers after graduation.
  14. The most effective ways to encourage students to learn science.
  15. How to choose the right career path after graduation?
  16. Role of sex education at school.

Health Proposal Essay Topics 

Health and well-being have always been nice solutions to write about. If you are interested in this area, too, it’s time to grab any of the following topics: 

  1. Ways to attract funds to the research of treatment of serious diseases. 
  2. Benefits and drawbacks of consulting a doctor online. 
  3. Most effective ways to stay healthy for a longer time.
  4. Healthy lifestyle trends and issues.
  5. Impact of modern gadgets on the health of children and teens.
  6. Organic alternatives to prescription drugs: pros and cons.
  7. Benefits and drawbacks of medical cannabis legalization.
  8. How can antidepressants impact your mood? 
  9. Perspectives of cloning. 
  10. Can sports and a healthy lifestyle make you feel happier?
  11. How to educate kids and teens on the danger of drugs?
  12. Should girls try martial arts?
  13. Can sports activities help your family become more united? 
  14. The differences between natural and organic products. 
  15. Role of sleep during studies. 
  16. Is meditation good for refreshing your mind? 
  17. Is junk food addictive?
  18. Do diets work? 

Social Issues Research Topics 

All students should know how to behave in extreme situations and always try to eliminate the dangers. Below is a list of topics about social issues, family, and safety that might turn out to be easy-to-write and debatable:

  1. Importance of safe driving educational materials and advertisement. 
  2. How can you become more socially responsible? 
  3. Benefits of becoming a volunteer. 
  4. Why should students care about environmental protection?
  5. Educating disabled people: the most common difficulties.
  6. Why should learners read more paper books?
  7. Most effective ways to reduce the suicide levels among teenagers.
  8. Best ways to expand your social connections.
  9. Impact of social media on children.
  10. Best solutions to decrease obesity levels.
  11. The problem of social media addiction.
  12. Ways to support students suffering from chronic anxiety. 
  13. Is setting up limits for playing online games effective for preventing gaming addiction? 
  14. Ways to decrease crime rates among students. 
  15. Idols and teenagers: most common issues.
  16. Role of propaganda of healthy eating habits.

How to Get Your Proposal Essay in No Time 

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