2018 Bexar County Survey: 1.99M Population, 53.9K Median Income - Essay Sample

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The population estimate according to the 2018 survey is 1,986,049. The median household income of the residents of Bexar is $ 53,999. The percentage of the persons in poverty is only 15.6 while the percentage of those that have attained high school graduate and higher is 83.7. The persons with health insurance who are below the age of 65 are 16.9%. The median housing value is $ 142,300 and the total housing units in the county are 683,786. The number of companies is 147,956 and the veterans are 151,560.

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The Demographics of the United States Are as Follows

The 2018 population estimates of the United States is 327,167,434. The median household income of the residents is $ 57, 652 while the median housing value is $193,500 with the total housing units estimated to be 135,393,564. The percentage of high school graduates and higher is 87.3 while the people below the poverty level percent is 12.3%.

These demographics compare in that Bexar County is such a large region and from the survey, it is clear that Bexar is a small representation of the United States. The implications for my residence shows that there are quite a large number of people living in Bexar compared to other regions since it is almost 35% of the total population of the US. It is also important to note the close relation of the county with the national statistics whereby the percentages reveal that Bexar has not completely lagged behind in terms of the total development. They are almost on the same level with differences that can be ignored.

Texas City

The statistics presented concerning the economy are that the percent of population age in the civilian labor force is 57.0% which means that 43% of the residents in Texas depend on the working population. It is important for the human resource department to consider more employment by creating opportunities to enhance the civilian labor force.

The median household income for Texas is $42,882 which is a bit lower compared to that of the United States which is at $57,652 meaning that the human resource management has to consider increasing the income of the residents in Texas to be at the same level with that of the overall states. It is the same case for per capita income where the amount in Texas is $23,765 while that of the United States is $31,177. There is a larger percentage of the persons in poverty in Texas which is 22% compared to the United States which are 12.3%. such a large difference clearly means that there is a need for more income flows for the residents of Texas through employment which the human resource management should take care of as soon as possible.

The statistics also show that all firms as per 2012 survey were 3035 out of the possible 27,626,360 firms in the United States. It is an indicator that there is more needed to be done in terms of employment as the human resource department has to come up with better ways to institute firms hence ensuring more total employment and higher household income. The population of Texas per square mile is 706.8 compared to that of United States which is 87.4 meaning that there are more people living in Texas which calls for more opportunities for development.

Community and Crime Decline

I feel that community-based organizations may become increasingly central to the effort to control violence within communities that are vulnerable to a rise in violent crime. These local organizations tend to be more established in the areas where the violence problem is more severe. Their main operation is to reveal a strategy for local mobilization which will be against violence and organize the residents in an effort to confront the problem (Sharkey, Torrats-Espinosa, & Takyar, 2017). To begin with, the community organizations are formed to be in response of the social problem of violence and in that case, it is to mean that their operations will be central to the region they were formed. These organizations have registered a great crime decline in the neighborhood as the policies have been straight in governing changes to ensure that people adhere strictly to laws against violent acts. Thus, my feeling about their effectiveness is not fully giving credit to other regions but those close to where the organizations were formed. However, there is still more they can do to other regions.

Texas state national, social and demographic information compares to the data in the article in that there are fewer organizations based on controlling violence problems in the community. However, the rate of criminal activities in Texas is average and most cases are handled by the police department hence the need for these organizations is not too high. I personally feel that Texas has been able to manage the violence rates which have been on a great decline over the years now.


Sharkey, P., Torrats-Espinosa, G., & Takyar, D. (2017). Community and the crime decline: The causal effect of local nonprofits on violent crime. American Sociological Review, 82(6), 1214-1240.

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