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What is Philosophy?

Remember that philosophy is an ancient area of knowledge. It was discovered in India, China, and Ancient Greece in the 7th-6th centuries BC. Some philosophy essays suggest that the term "Philosophy", which can be translated from Ancient Greek to mean "love of wisdom," is a translation of the Greek word. Many essays on philosophy present a formal definition of philosophy: it is a spiritual activity that seeks to understand, analyze, and resolve fundamental questions. This helps in developing a holistic view of the world and its place for humans. Aristotle and Descartes are some of the most important philosophers in human history.

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The most common definition of philosophy is a systematic exploration of knowledge, truth, or existence. The discipline is grounded in logic, reason, and critical analysis. This rigorous approach to research requires that all writing be sophisticated, no matter how simple or complex, on any topic. But, philosophy majors and students taking courses in the discipline don't need to be reminded of its complexity. They know it well.

Philosophy is an academic discipline that can communicate complex theories. To understand the breadth of ideas that philosophy can tackle, take a look at the titles (paper topics) below. You can choose one that is relevant to your topic to use as a guide for creating your thesis or introduction.

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