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What is Marketing?

Marketing is the process of building relationships that are mutually beneficial to both the customer and the company. Marketing is an essential business function at the company level. It is important for almost all industries, regardless of whether they are a profit-making or non-profit. Marketing is responsible for all tasks that generate revenue for profit-making organizations. Marketing is the job of the non-profit organization. It is responsible for attracting customers to support their mission.

It is also the area of the organization that has the most frequent contact with the public. What the public learns about an organization is determined by how they interact with marketers. It creates a competitive environment which lowers product prices and increases demand for products. Organizations also need to expand their labor force, which is a source of employment.

Marketing also sets prices. This is because it helps to determine the right price for a product or service. This is done by market research, which is trial and error. Marketing is also a sales tool. It helps to match the product to customers. This involves determining their needs and desires and then being able respond with the appropriate or correct products in the right timeframe and the right price.


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