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Types of Law Essays

You will be faced with a variety of essay types when you begin writing law essays. These range from arguments and court hearings papers to legal theory papers. However, each type of law writing needs to be properly analysed and supported by evidence.

  • Court Hearings and Case Study Tasks. These law essays, as the name suggests, deal with case studies that you need to analyze and review. This is also true for court hearings, which may be from one country or both. These cases are complex and will require extra attention.
  • Legal Theory Writing. This is where you will explain the reasons for a particular law and the pros and cons. You will need to do comparisons and analysis in this area.
  • Legal History. This section might discuss legal questions related to historical issues. An example of a law essay on history might include issues such as the Corporate Law or the famous Statutes of Marlborough, which was passed by the Parliament of. It was written during Henry III's reign and occurred in 1267. However, students must still explore and explain these laws.
  • Legal Reform Tasks. An example of a good law essay would be the Brexit legislation. These are the changes we have seen in all areas of our lives. These changes should be explained and estimated by Law students. It may be necessary to include background information in the introduction of your essay if reform occurred because of an event.


Law Essay Topics Ideas

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  5. Essay on Unorthodox Lawmaking by Barbara Sinclair
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  7. Just Laws and Unjust Laws - Paper Example
  8. Law Paper Example: The Legal and Ethical Dilemma of Conjoined Twins
  9. Ethical Theories of Healthcare Ethics and Law - Essay Example
  10. Paper Example on Contractual Relationship
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