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Analysis of job is a systematic technique of evaluating job activities and responsibilities of the employee. Contemporary firms are very categorical when hiring new staff. The human resource department in any organization plays a crucial role in evaluating job aspects. Job elements compromise of designing the job, categorization, and crafting (Stewart & Brown, 2019). Design of job entails specification of work content, the techniques, and the relationship of jobs towards satisfaction of the technical and organizational needs; personal and social demands of the employee are evaluated.

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Current Trends in Job Analysis

The human resource experts in the current organization have established a variety of ways in designing jobs for employees. The current trends in job analysis include a satisfactory collection of data on elements that differentiate a specific post from the others. In the contemporary business world, human resource experts distinguish the listed components to differentiate jobs for employees. The analysis of the employees' knowledge, abilities, skills, and behaviors determine the current output required in employment. The work activities and performance standards are set when advertising the job. The human resource managers also evaluate the financial budgeting effect on the firm and the working conditions for the employees. A pleasant working environment is given to employees to ensure their comfort, hence increasing production.

Methods of Job Designing

There are four primary methods of job designing that includes simplification, enrichment of job, and rotation (Stewart & Brown, 2019). Job rotation is the shifting of an employee from one task to another without altering job requirements for the job. Job rotation focuses on eliminating boredom and enhancing competency in the firm. Job simplification implies a breakdown of employment to facilitate specialization. Job simplification is done to offer less trained and low earning employees a chance to work on less demanding tasks. Job enlargement is the technique of expanding the scope of a job. It involves the addition of more duties to an already installed appointment. On the other hand, job enrichment consists of the creation of a career that offers the employee a significant autonomy to plan and manage his or her performance. Job enrichment focuses on efficiency, task, and employee satisfaction in the company.

Designing a Motivating Job

Five key aspects promote motivation of job in the organization. The elements comprise of task identification, skill variation, and significance of the task. Autonomy and feedback motivate employees to better their current achievements. The current, motivating technique that a majority of firms are employing is employee empowerment through job design (Morrison, Ross, Morrison, & Kalman, 2019).

Application of Ergonomics to Design Safe Jobs

Ergonomic has numerous benefits to an organization that installs it in its organization. Ergonomic reduces costs hence improving profits. Ergonomic modifies productivity in the organization. Ergonomic also enhances quality and enhances employee engagement in an organization (Stewart & Brown, 2019).

Planning Mental Needs for a Job

Planning for mental demand is useful for achieving a functional labor force. Mental demand can be accomplished through minimizing data and memorization of the job requirements. In support of mental stability, the firm can offer adequate lighting in the working environment. Installation of easy-to-operate machines also facilitates thoughtful planning (Stewart & Brown, 2019).

Crafting of Job

Job crafting is a proactive technique by staffs to utilize chances and personalize their jobs. Job crafting includes modifying the duties and interaction of the employees with other staff. Job crafting is done by job crafters (Van Wingerden, Derks, & Bakker, 2017).

Crafting Concepts in Redesigning Jobs

Previously, I held the position of receptionist in one of the international firms. My duty was primarily ensuring that all visitors are attended to and given proper guidance. To craft my position in the firm, I choose to market and sell the company's products to the visitors. I proactively engaged the clients by assuming both the role of a receptionist, a marketer and a seller within the firm (Morrison et al., 2019).


Job designing facilitates identification of the job's and employee's requirements. Motivating employees using ergonomic technique is proving to enhance productivity in firms. Job crafting, on the other hand, expand the responsibilities of an employer hence, diversity.


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