Chamber of Savannah: Evaluating Public Policy for Local Societal Change - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-01


Savannah is one of the oldest cities of Georgia, the U.S The chamber is a significant figure in policy implementation in Savanah GA. Local authority constantly works to assist local areas in developing key policies based on the important sectors of the. Public policies are rules and laws that are made by the government; these policies are made to improve and make changes in society (Yeager et al. 2018). In the local is the chamber spends much time evaluating public policy issues. In most cases, public policies can be controversial and complicated, especially when deciding what work best for people and ways of allocating resources to implement policy goals. This paper, therefore, describes some of the public policy issues in Savannah GA.

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Savannah is already left behind in terms of development based on public policies. Policies which govern public resources, as well as utilization human resources in the city, have drastically changed. The policies give the local government authority to exercise some of the critical policies. Some of the public policy issues in savannah includes

Zoning Policy Issue

Zoning is the act by which the local government is given the authority to restrict utilization of real property and to provide guidelines on how the land can be used within the city. The policy for resulting this land use is the modern way of controlling land usage. The policy of zoning was approved in the city of the savannah; the local government has the power to pass zoning regulations well as to grant investors the right to use land. Drastically change in the policy of zoning has become a considerate issue affecting the development of the city. The unusual provision of laws and rules governing zoning has affected the right for investors to exercise land use. Today zoning policies in the city are more complicated as compared to the original polices, the process of acquiring permits for land use by the local investors has been made complex (Yeager et al. 2018). The prices of land are very high restricting, members of the public to develop economically. The government, therefore, should govern the adoption of zoning policies and conduct zoning hearings regarding the proposed policies to reduce problems associated with zoning procedures. Currently, zoning districts have been established to improve compatibility patterns regarding the use of lands for specific parts of the city however the objectives have not been achieved effectively since staff members responsible for implementing zoning policies o not provide sufficient technical assistance for the public.

Transportation Policy Issue

Transportation policies in the city of Savannah are one of the biggest issues affecting the transport operates across the city. The local authorities intend to collect more money from the public to improve the transport network system in the city. This policy, however, may lead to a rise in the tax. The main issue which policymakers fail to consider is the number of public transits which may get affected and also how the policy can be implemented(Sheikh, & Tauhidul, 2019). The government should consider collecting funds from other major resources to reduce the burden impacted on the savannah commuters and transport operators. Prohibition of downtown transportation is a policy which has also led to undesired consequences when mobility is restricted in specific locations or during particular periods; people definitely will choose to go elsewhere, causing imbalance or longer movements. Currently, this problem has led to the rise of income taxes, property taxes and estate inheritance taxes across the city.

Allowable Investment Policy Issue

Allowable investment is a policy implemented by the local authorities to restrict the development of illegal investments in the city of Savannah. This policy was enacted to limit the growth of illegal trade in the city. This policy, however, has resulted in some of the issues affecting economic development in the city. This includes high amounts of money required by the local authorities for business permits and licenses (Sheikh, & Tauhidul, 2019). This is have become a major challenge in developing the city into a diversified trade network centre. Policymakers should, therefore, adjust these policies to accommodate some of the important businesses in the city. Today, most of the business is forced to pay high amounts of taxes, for the new investments, the government provides undesired restrictive measure which has affected economic development.


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Yeager, E., Boley, B., Goetcheus, C., & Welch-Devine, M. (2018). Expanding the Profile of Short Term Vacation Rental (STVR) Hosts in Savannah, GA.

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