Character Analysis Of Jordan Baker

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Date:  2022-10-10


Francis Scott Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby. Jordan Baker is depicted as being foolish and dishonest. She has the same chesty attitude as many other people, but also has the characteristics of modern adult females. This definitive novel focuses on the flashiness, glamor, and greed of Jazz Age people, as well as the corruption of the American dream.

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Jordan Baker is most prominently depicted with a chesty attitude. This is Miss Baker's side. She first starts talking with Nick. Jordan clearly looks down on Nick because he is living in the West Egg, which is for the "new money." She said, "I haven’t heard a single word." After Daisy had implied that Jordan and Nick were getting together, Jordan made this comment to Daisy. Jordan thought that she was superior to the West Egg dwellers and had more self-respect and grace than them.

Jordan Baker is an example of the foolhardiness that many people displayed during the Jazz Age. She is often lazy, uncooperative, and blunt. Jordan was often asked by Tom Buchanan how she managed to get anything done. Miss Baker is not only dishonest but also a very honest person. Rumours circulated that Miss Baker moved her golf ball in a tournament to win. She was known to be a hard worker and would do anything to win, or at the very least, to get her way. Nick Carraway, who was very fond of Jordan, besides stated that she was "incurably dishonest." Jordan Baker has been shown to be a very foolish driver. She stated resolutely that "It takes two people to cause an accident." She also strongly suggested that she hopes she will never run into someone as careless as herself. Jordan Baker is an besides blunt adult female. Instead, she spoke out openly. She was the first person to declare that Nick of Tom had a wife. F. Scott Fitzgerald often emphasized the foolishness of the American people, and Jordan Baker was a prime illustration.

Jordan Baker had many flaws, but she was still a strong person. Jordan Baker was a part of the American dream. She was the first female example of modern adult women. She was independent and self-sufficient. Jordan Baker has proven that women from many ages ago were considered lazy animals and needed help. She is an independent adult female. First, Jordan is a masculine name that proves she is independent and self-sufficient. She has been described as "difficult", "small-breasted", and "difficult". She was also described as a "mature plebe", which shows that she is self-sufficient. Jordan Baker is non-stop shown to be independent as she is a professional golfer. Few adult females, either before or after her twenty-four hour, were involved in sports such as golf. Jordan is also said to be a drinker and has an unworried disposition. She is not a sex addict because of the force per unit area she has to do these things but because she enjoys them. Jordan Baker was the true pioneer of the American dream for adult women.


Jordan Baker was a crucial character in The Great Gatsby's authorship. She represented the foolishness, dishonesty and arrogance of many East Egg people. On the other hand, Jordan Baker represented adult females' independence and self-sufficiency.

Because of her visible radiation characteristics during the Jazz Age, Fitzgerald gave Jordan an important role in his chef-d’oeuvre The Great Gatsby.

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