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Clients Problem Statements and Drafts of Goals - Paper Example

Date:  2021-05-31 07:18:01
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Client Name: Rachael Johnson

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Problem Statements and Drafts of Goals

James, the father of Calvin and Jordan, does not pay child support unless he is getting along with Rachael or when he has a job. When the couple disagrees on something or fight, James doesn't pay for child support. Her last two children, Calvin and Jordan, have a different father from the first born child, Elissa. In the two bedrooms Duplex, Rachael sleeps on the couch while her two sons sleep in the two separate bedrooms. When James comes in the picture, the house becomes crowded there is less privacy, and the brothers have to share one bedroom. James is not on the lease of the duplex, and thus Rachael is worried that if the superintendent finds out he lives there, they would be kicked out of the house. The duplex is strategically positioned since it's easy for Rachael to get the bus to work or get groceries since she doesn't have a car. James does not keep one job consistently and sometimes he doesn't work at all. Thus, Rachael feels like she cannot depend on him on the finances or just being a dad. The goal for Rachael is to convince James to get a permanent job and become a father to his children. He also needs to offer financial aid to Rachael.

Rachael wants to take an online course. However, due to her financial problem, she needs financial aid so that she can undertake the course. She does not know the course she would take, but she prefers criminal justice or business. She also does not know how she would start the whole process and even how she is going to register. The goal of Rachael is to get a degree, which would help her get a well-paying job.

Rachael's daughter, Elissa dropped out of school when she was sixteen. Thus she never finished her diploma and her GED. She stayed with her mother for a few months then moved out to stay with her friends in an apartment. She has been between jobs. However, she has found a full-time job at Sonic. Elissa has a boyfriend named Bobby and Rachael feels like Bobby is cheating on Elissa. The couple fights a lot, and Elissa is pregnant. Rachael is worried about Elissa since she does not know how she is going to cope up with the pregnancy situation given the fact that she lives on a minimum wage. She feels like she would need to move out of the apartment where she lives. However, they are talking about moving together with Bobby. Rachael has no extra money to support her daughter or extra space in her duplex for her to move in with them. Thus she feels she doesn't know what she would do to support her daughter. The goal of Rachael is to convince Elissa to stick to her job and move out from her current apartment. He could live Bobby because Rachael thinks he is cheating on his daughter and that won't be healthy for the unborn baby and to the mother since he is exposing her to risks of diseases. s

Rachael feels that Calvin, her 13-year old son is losing touch and interest in school and he is only in the eighth grade. Elissa, her firstborn child, dropped out of school. Since then she has had a hard time. Rachael doesnt want what Calvin to go through the same situation. According to Rachael, Calvin does not have good friends since they use foul language and engage in improper behavior even when she is around. Rachael is worried what they would do or do if she is not around. Rachael has not been able to attend PTA meetings in school due to her tight schedule at work. Thus she doesnt know what is happening in school and when she saw Calvins report card it was filled with Ds. Thus, she is worried if Calvin would get into high school. Rachaels goal is to find time to spend with his son Calvin and advise him concerning the importance of school and keeping good friends who wont persuade him on engaging in ill-mannered behaviors.Rachael works full time as a custodian, and therefore she spends less time with her family. Her working hours fluctuate, thus she never knows what time she should be working. She can be working from eight in the morning or two in the afternoon. When she works in the evening, she is not able to be around when her two sons, Jordan and Calvin come from school. Thus, she is not in a position to find out if her children have done their homework. When she is not around at night, Calvin has to take charge and feed his younger brother and make sure everything goes in the right direction. However, Rachael is not sure at what time her kids go to bed so that the following day they can be ready for school. According to Rachael, she doesnt receive good pay where she works. For this reason, she cannot afford the premiums for health insurance for herself and the whole family in general. Thus, they lack health insurance. Rachaels goal is to find a way of spending time with his family. She also needs to find enough money to enable to hire a nanny who would take care of her kids when she is stuck at work. She also needs to go to her childrens school and find out what is happening to their education. Also, she should attend PTA meetings.

Goals and Objectives

Goal: To strengthen family ties

Objective: For the children to have a father

Deadline: 7/24/2017Responsible Person: Rachael, JamesObjective: Rachael to receive financial aid from her husbandDeadline: 6/20/2017Responsible Person: Rachael, JamesObjective: Convince James to be more involved with the family and get a constant jobDeadline: 21/12/2017Responsible Person: Rachael, James Goal: Spend more time with family and gain financial success

Objective: Attain a degree through an online courseDeadline: 12/1/2019Responsible Person: RachaelObjective: Get a well-paying job with flexible hours of workingDeadline: 1/18/2019Responsible Person: RachaelObjective: Help Elissa get through her situations Deadline: 6/21/2019Responsible Person: Rachael, ElissaGoal: Practice good parenting skills on her children Objective: Advise her children on the importance of education and the friends he should keepDeadline: 1/24/2017Responsible Person: Rachael, Calvin, JordanObjective: Start attending school meetings Deadline: 5/24/2017Responsible Person: Rachael, JamesObjective: Help children with homework and school based activities Deadline: 5/24/2017Responsible Person: RachaelClient Signature:Date:

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