Compare and Contrast Essay on 'The Notebook' Film and Novel

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Date:  2022-10-13


Films and novels are a common avenue authors use to communicate to their audience. However, the two dominant ways of communication have their differences. According to Bo (1), most people prefer reading the novels compared to watching the film since it gives deep insights into the storyline. Additionally, the book comes before the movie; therefore, the novel readers believe what they read is the correct information. In this regard, 'The Notebook' is an example of literature works that are portrayed in both the novel and film version. Nicholas Sparks takes his audience to a romantic world where love is timeless and ageless regardless of the challenges encountered by the couple in 'The Notebook.' The storyline of the novel was sparked by the life experiences of the grandparents of Cathy, the wife to Nicholas. The film and novel have their similarities and differences in the presentation of Noah and Allison's love story.

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The film is an addendum of the book since it gives the audience the perfect setting for the characters and the storyline. By a different token, the novel gives deeper insights into the plot. Through the novel, the reader is in a position to imagine; as a result, identify with the characters at a personal level. Additionally, the emotions and feelings are well articulated in the novel compared to the film. To exemplify, the novel gives detailed information on Allie's state of health after the diagnosis of Alzheimer disease. The conversation between the couple when Allie recognizes Noah and at the onset of the confusion which results in the loss of memory depict the progression of the wife's disease (Sparks 357-362). Through Noah's experiences in the novel, the reader adequately relates to the emotional suffering that Noah endures in his life. Contrary, the film does not give a deeper revelation of the feelings the couple goes through after the diagnosis of Alzheimer disease and its progression.

Both the novel and the film have discussed spiritual elements; however, the book gives in-depth information in comparison to the film. Noah and Allie refer to God on several occasions in the novel, an acknowledgement by the character regarding the superiority of the Almighty. Both characters recognize and mention God in moments of agony, despair, and happiness. From the novel, the reader can further identify the basis for the development of the spiritual trait in both characters. For instance, Noah learns from his father that nature has the power of soothing an individual in challenging moments. Noah's father advised him that the sounds of nature are God's music (Sparks 30). As a result, Noah initiates a spiritual conversation the moment he saw Allie by bowing his head and making a short prayer to God asking for strength. On the other hand, Allie acknowledges the works of God in creating Noah through the letter she sent to him (Sparks, 389). Contrary, the film does not give detailed spiritual information.

The film and the novel describe an epic love story that emphasizes relationship values and its impact on the life of the relationship. The story of two completely different characters indicates that a once established and later lost love can be regained with time. However, the two literary works relay this love lessons differently. The film is more dramatic in comparison to the novel (Casavettes 1). It is essential for films to incorporate drama scenes to engage the audience actively. The film portrays both characters as very active individuals through the conversations they have. In the film, Allie is resistant to engage in a relationship with Noah by rudely addressing Noah after asked out for a date. However, Allie later accepts the offer but the relationship is characterized by several arguments as a means of igniting and maintaining the attention of the audience.

Additionally, in the film, Allie's parents refute Noah's proposal to marry their daughter resulting in suspense as Noah walks away. The audience is left to wonder what will be the fate of a couple that was so deeply in love. Will Noah and Allie elope or is the break up the fate for the two? These are some of the questions the audience is left to answer. Contrary the book gives its readers an opportunity to imagine the characters and their feelings; at the same time, share in their emotions. The novel describes the story of a perfect relationship with calmer characters compared to the film. In this regard, the book gives the appropriate setting for the storyline of two people who are deeply in love. As a result, the novel enriches the life experiences of the reader through endless inspirations derived from the storyline.


In conclusion, both the novel and the film version are a poetry admiration that presents to the audience a never-ending love characterized by laughter and tears. The characters encounter tough-life decisions, but they manage to tackle their problems effectively portraying the importance of patience, appreciation, and forgiveness in life. By a different token, the film and the novel have their differences with regard to the detailed information portrayed in the two articles. Spiritual elements, details on disease progression, and dramatic settings are the major differentiating items identified from both the film and the novel. In both the spirituality and disease progression scenarios in-depth information is provided in the novel in comparison to the film. Contrary, the film is more dramatic than the novel which takes a calmer dimension.

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