Criminal Justice: Plead Guilty Or Take the Risk? - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-11


Criminal justice encompasses the police authority, the judicial system, and the correctional facility. In America maintaining your innocence is hard because you are bullied and pushed to plead guilty. This move is to take lesser punishment even if you are culpable. Losing a trial is a relatively high risk, even to be considered. The prison is assumed to be a money-making business investment as they have turned into private enterprise. The demand for inmates is therefore very high since the one percent have the financial interest of running the jails and seeing more people taken into custody.

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Public defender steps in for the poor and are overworked and receive less pay hence lacking time to prepare a solid defense. This ends with accepting plea deals ("Ethics in United States' Legal System," n.d.). The law assumes once said guilty, and it is difficult to file for an appeal for the guilty verdict. Frank Lee Smith died of cancer after 14 years of jail term before he was cleared of accounts of rape and murder. The DNA report identified the real culprit as Eddie Lee Mosley (Hafsah, n.d.).

Circumstantial is usually not clear-cut evidence if the witness saw or heard something. The prosecutors try to obtain a leeway into the case using the circumstantial evidence. Manufactured lies set to manipulate the jury to accept their side of the story. This evidence usually causes intentional eliminations of a juror with prior knowledge on matters to do with justice. It is admissible in a justice court but can prove to be significant if the facts if the case and the inference do not weight determining the matter. Ultimately the become hard to defend and the convict decides to give in.

Inequality at the primary function of justice systems creates a problem in delivering a biased judgment. Police authorities namely police Daniel Pantalae and officer Darren Wilson, escape the wrath of the state laws. They committed acts of death on their fellow human being and walked away scot-free. The lack of interdiction of this figure of the society indicates that the system is aligned to only one side of the law. The prosecutor's office performs a lousy job when the cases involving the police authorities around their jurisdiction (Ethics in the United States' Legal System. (n.d.).

The said prosecutors depend on the local security to bring in criminals, investigate them, and ultimately give their version of the story at the stand under oath. Police misconduct is on the sky-high, according to the Cato Institute, "national police misconduct reporting project." From the research approximately 5000 unique cases of police misbehavior in 2010. There are 127 fatalities which are related to using extreme force (Schmalleger, 2018, p. 55). Rarely police cases involving manslaughter is accompanied by a jail term or murder charges. To curb this misuse of power, police officers and all relevant authority need to be thoroughly investigated in their day to day activities (Hafsah, n.d.). Special prosecutors should be created permanently and housed within the attorney general state office. Their main aim will be to provide a cushion for the citizens from the local authorities. In grave cases, outsourcing prosecutor from a different state to be the lead investigator on the matter minimizing biasness.

The innovation of the new collection of data on fatalities involves the local authority. The looming questions of the ease of police t kill an individual. The deaths of Brown and Garner reflect a more significant trend of unauthorized use of brutal force on defenseless citizens by police..The CDC and the FBI give conflicting accounts on the death accrued by the police authorities. Pieces of evidence of disparity because of races raises into question while the disproportionate number of reported felons killed by the authorities were black ("Ethics in United States' Legal System," n.d.).


The jury selection needs to improve to choose jurors who are informed and think more deeply about the case. The rights of every citizen must be upheld at all cost. Collection of data of these activities brings inadequate knowledge on the fatalities involving security officers. Lack of sufficient knowledge makes it difficult to access the level of the issue and how to deal with it. The problem in providing this information is voluntary by the police departments. To curb law enforcement through the use of inappropriate force, a proper understanding of the issue should be achieved. The legislation bill passed in 2014 which mandates fatalities report to the U.S attorney general and permit to limit funding to local law enforcement in case of failure to comply with it. This policy will manage casualties by police hands through the use of force. The congress should ensure the participation of the FBI supplementary homicide report bring to light details on all homicides in a jurisdiction without only relying on police fatalities.


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