Debunking Media Matters: Is It Media the Major Cause of Terrorism - Paper Example

Paper Type:  Critical thinking
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  601 Words
Date:  2021-07-05

Doubter: Is it true that media is the major aspect leading to terrorism in the world, and making western countries vulnerable for the attacks?

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Defender: Probably that is not a prevalent cause; radicalization is seen as one of the prevailing causes. [Socratic 3.a].

Doubter: How do you know.

Defender: We understand that fight against terrorism is the paramount issue all over the world, and all necessary steps are established to avert it. Terrorism has claimed lives of many innocent lives and no stone is left unturned in the fight against terrorism. [Socratic 6.a]

Doubter: I know that; but it is known that the media is the one that mobilizes the people to be after their brothers' and sisters' life.

Defender: I understand that such claims truly exist, but take note that; media also has played a role in mitigating terrorism.

Doubter: I doubt if it is effective enough.

Defender: Religious congregation such as some of the Islamic gatherings, has been asserted as the dominant cause of radicalization, you will notice that most of the terrorist group all over the world are Islamic related. [Socratic 3.d]

Doubter: So, you want to mean that terrorists are of Arab origin.

Defender: No, but what I am trying to say is that some of the Islamic terror group lures the youth into terror group.

Doubter: So, which way do they use to lure the youth into it, is not through the media?

Defender: Huh!!

Doubter: I know you cant support me in either way.

Defender: But, how did the media play a role in the September 11th attack, yet we know that the attack took place on 2001 while commonly used and the first social media, Facebook, was established on 2004. Besides, what about the recent attack on Manchester City, London, was it communicated via the media prior to the attack? So, you can't say that the media is the major influence of terrorism, while we know that there are many organizations together with individuals who use media to advocate against terrorism. [Socratic 1.f]

Doubter: Then what is the aim of the terrorists?

Defender: The terrorists are enthused by their religious belief which makes them be against to non-Muslims. But know that terrorism was there even before the media was widespread.

Doubter: But, the media is the one that mobilizes people to become terrorists.

Defender: So, you want to mean that, once media will be eliminated from the society, there will be no terror attacks.

Doubter: Yes, it would reduce the significant rate.

Defender: Then, if that is the case, why are troops sends to terrorist affected areas, why dont they instead shut down the media to end terrorism? [Socratic 4.e]

Doubter: But, people leave the western world to go to the middle-eastern world where they join the terror groups. How are they being communicated about the existence of the terrorist group that could potentially recruit young people to join it? Is it not through media?

Defender: I cant deny that fact, though that is not common. What I understand is that there is Muslim in the western countries, who take advantage, by enticing the followers to join the terrorist groups.

Doubter: Now, I understand.

Defender: You should have understood it all yesterday. The intelligence services all over the world are monitoring the media activities that promote terrorist, and once they identify one undercover operation are established to get to the bottom of it. Therefore, media matters are not prevalent in fostering terrorism. [Socratic 2.e]

Doubter: Well, now I understand, it seems my reasoning were not much tenacious.

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