Decreasing the Consumption of Foods With Sugar Increases Their Reinforcing Value - Article Analysis Essay

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Date:  2023-02-06


The article, decreasing consumption of food with sugar increases their reinforcing value, focuses on examining whether if the reinforcing value of food rich in added sugar will change when there is a decrease in consuming food rich in added sugar. The circumstances of a reinforcement behavior are ideal in examining all concepts presented in the article regarding dietary change behavior in the region. The method employed in investigation comprised of normal and obese participants with nineteen obese participants and twenty-three with normal weight. Participants involved in the research are ideal since they meet the qualifications of the research procedure hence provides reliable results. In the result, the reinforcing value increased, a respond type called response deficit. The article examines various concepts of reinforcing value by focusing on measurements such as weight and height as well as energy expenditure and needs. The need for justification involves investigating if there is a change in reinforcing value after a longtime investigation of similar research to come up with clean data regarding diet rich in high sugar.

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The method involved in the article involved a one-week investigation on participants who met the research criteria. The one week involved measuring and monitoring reinforcement value change based on the result and food consumed by the participants. In the methods used, a pre-post study design was employed in the region with initial screening visits used to ensure there is an idea of eligibility in data. The information on the program based on the methods used incorporated in the article involves crucial methods in data collection. The pre-post design also involved questionnaires and resting metabolic rate among other approaches employed in the study.

Based on the intervention and description of the population studied, the population size should represent the actual size of the people in the region. Population size in the article involving reinforcing value based on sugar dietary includes obese and normal-weight individuals. The intervention on the description of population and method of data collection also revolve around how participants were involved in dietary behavior during the investigation process (Flack et al. P 7). Interference in data influence immensely interferer with data collection regarding the reinforcement value obtained during the research sample study. The intense information on intervention lies in the method and approach of data collection used in the article regarding reinforcement value with high sugar intake diet.

Results and Discussion

Reinforcing value of foods rich in added sugars increased as per results, which is after consumption of food rich in low added sugars among the participants. Various reasons are put in place and try to explain why there is an increased level of sugar in the context of the investigation. One of the reason opts to be the solid reason for increased data include diet initially taken before actual restriction. The study had limitations, including recruiting male participants who consume greater than 10% of calories. This program educates the population regarding the healthy diet; hence, one of the core public health functions.


Based on the personal review relating to results and method presented in the article, the information presented is ideal, and there is the essence of instituting change in various approaches employed in the region. The change should be instituted in the methods of data collection and idea of following up on participants be involved in the area. It is essential in obtaining accurate and reliable data regarding the influence of reinforcement value on dietary change behaviors. The analytic plan is the part of the program I will involve in my project. The analytic section provides essential information on the data presented in the article. It provides a clear view of reinforcing value.

Work Cited

Flack, Kyle D., et al. "Decreasing the Consumption of Foods with Sugar Increases Their Reinforcing Value: A Potential Barrier for Dietary Behavior Change." Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (2019).

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