Definitive Essay on Gender Inequality

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Date:  2022-09-11


Gender inequality is defined as the unfairness of treatment of both men and women. The idea of gender inequality has been known for a very long time in history but not until the revolution of gender issues became more real and reflective to changes in society in the 20th century. This situation of gender inequality has been evident here in America women are paid 65% less than how men are paid. Inequality in gender arises when there are discrepancies in socially structured roles in gender as well as through biotic means like genes, hormonal differences. Gender systems are often dichotomous and classified (Ridgeway, 2011).

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Gender inequality is grounded on the following subjects, the nature of gender dissimilarities and income disparity between men and women. In flat segregation, occupational sex discrimination as both genders possess different capabilities. The difference in capabilities makes the gender disparity in the job roles suited for men and women, where men are more suited for manual work and women non-manual work. The conclusion is that occupation is usually categorized according to influence, power, salary linked men and women who hold different jobs (Ridgeway, 2011). According to science, men are perceived to have more testosterone formed in their bodies while females have more estrogen also produced in their bodies making women more submissive and caring while men more aggressive.

Three main concepts attribute gender inequality, one of them is chauvinism which refers to the range of approaches, opinions, laws, and manners that discriminate someone by gender. The second notion is on human rights responsibilities, anticipations and the association of men and women in society. The final notion explains the favoritism of one gender or the other all the three notions have a direct correlation with each other.

Factors Explaining Gender Inequality in Society

The differences in gender in the rate of performance as well enrolment for formal education is evident where performance levels are higher in males than females and the dropout rates in male students lower than in female students due to the society not taking education in girl child seriously (Dollar, 2014).

The other difference depicts in unequal power relations where in countries like Ghana women are effectively under control over men and in the United States men are effectively under control than their female counterparts. In marital status to men have more authority than women as in the society they are supposed to become submissive towards their husbands. Regarding marriage, women are usually expected to be married before they reach there 30's as opposed to their male counterparts. In traditional customary law, the society expects the husband to maintain his wives and children, while women are obliged to help their husbands in raising the children through cooking for both them, washing dishes and fetching firewood generally doing all the house chores while men do manual labor to gain income (Dollar,2014).

Gender disparity is also evident in sports where men have dominated this area, where it all began during the traditional times where the time of hunting boys was heavily involved however in the contemporary world men are engaged in different sports activities where even though women have started growing in numbers the perception of sports being a male-dominated field still holds effectively (Messner,2011).

Gender inequality, therefore, should be discouraged as it is evident that the female gender becomes the most disadvantaged concerning their job income and also marital perspective.


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