EpiWatch-Apple Combination to Prevent Schizophrenia Outbursts - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-12-28


This study is about the different ways in which an EpiWatch I developed together with Apple can be used to prevent and manage psychiatric outbursts emanating from schizophrenia. The Epi Watch will be used together with the Apple watch to detect when psychiatric outbursts are about to happen. The study clears how the app in the watch uses sensors to monitor the heart rate of the people who are likely to experience psychiatric outbursts.It uses the gyroscope and accelerometer when worn to detect the slightest change of activity in the heart. If the outbursts happen, the device can measure and record the movements during the outburst, and it can be linked to a doctor so that the information recorded can be sent to them.

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This study aims to come up with technology-based solutions on how to manage schizophrenia psychiatric outburst . The idea of using the Epi Watch was borne when it was realized that some patients who experience psychiatric outburst attacks do not respond to most drugs hence exposing them to dangers such as injuries. Since it is not possible to precisely predict when the outburst is likely to come, it has been difficult to correctly manage them because they get both the victim and the caregivers unprepared. Therefore, this device will monitor the activities of the person who is prone to psychiatric outburst and record real-time activities in the body but more especially the heart. This information can be read by the person himself/herself and take precautions, or it can be automatically be sent to a doctor who will address the issue (Lake, 2012). Even when the person is undergoing oubursts, the device gives real information that will aid the doctor in treatment

The Problem

More than 50 million people are affected by psychiatric outburst globally. This number of people is exposed to various challenges because they do not know when the outburst is going to attack. This makes some of them put on helmets most of the time so that they can prevent themselves against injuries if they happen to be attacked (Varelas & Claassen,2017). The current methods used to manage currently are rather traditional and cumbersome. I deeply thought about this, and in consultation with other healthcare professionals and apple, I decided to come up with the EPiWatch so that the outburst can be monitored and prevented before they happen. Equally, if they occur, the doctor can easily read the information recorded by the device from the victim's body (Videbeck, 2011). This gadget is projected to lessen the work of managing the people who schizophrenia as well as those who have various problems which are likely to cause outburst.

Support Organization

Several stakeholders participated in the development of the device. However, most of them were healthcare professionals. Apple Technology Company was approached so that it can develop the gadget and it embraced the idea immediately because it understood the magnitude of psychiatric outburst amongst children and adults (Mason & Overdrive Inc 2011). Apple Technology is the one that sponsored the development of the device.

Second Solution

In-case failure because of one reason or the other in the implementation of this project, I will come up with research and evidence-based behavioral changes that will predict the imminent attack of outburst. In doing this, I will fully involve healthcare professionals as stakeholders (Powers, 2017).

Implementation and Evaluation of the Second Solution

I will do thorough research on what has been written by experts in the field of psychiatric, consult my fellow healthcare professionals and then conduct field research to get primary data. I will bring all this data together to analyze and come up with a solution faced (Powers, 2017). I will involve the same stakeholders in the implementation process.

Overall Project Evaluation

Generally, the project is going on well because the EpiWatch is already available, the process of sensitizing and involving the stakeholders is going on and the feedback received is positive because the project t has been received positively faced (Grant,2011).

Mentor (Preceptor) Experience

Though the development of the gadget was financed by Apple Technology Company not much finance has come from other companies so that the sensitization, training and education process can go on smoothly. Through the project implementation is going on well due to the positive response from the stakeholders, there are some financial challenges faced (Carl & Johnson).


Psychiatric outburst has caused significant economic, social and health problems to over 10 million people due to their unpredictability. However, this gadget which has been developed is going to make the management and prevention of psychiatric outburst easy because the heart rate and other body activities will be recorded in real time by the EPi Watch.


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