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Essay Example About Sylvia Plath

Date:  2021-07-05 07:36:56
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Sylvia Plath being one of the prominent literary figure in the post world war II period, sought to produce different ideas through the way she was able to express herself, her writing is more of self hidden within and generate a creative form of writing. Ideally the subject of her literary output has in most cases been the inner thoughts and her own life perception.with the use of intense focus and forceful imagery,Plath through her writing, was able to explore the morbid themes such as suicide, death which is associated with sense of hope for resurrection, depression, redemption and healing through it. With the final part of her writing as a career consisting of semi autobiographical novel, popularly recognized as, The Bell Jar and one of her best Confessional Poerty that she expressed that I Speak the to myself and say them out loud.ideally, through the Bell jar work of , Plath is recognized as the a cult figure, even a goddess, heroine , but beneath the facade lies one of the women who is recognized to be a mother, literary genius and delicate. What is unique about her work of art is that the subject matter of her work revolved mostly on the few element aspects of her life which was somehow short, her parents, her family and her illness which she was able to cleverly mask her works. More importnantly through Plath writing, she was able to a dopt a literature as one of the healing balm for her life wounds, with something like rage and comtempt behind her work of art. The writer s self and personality is only visible in her work, specifically in The Bell Jar which is her apprenticed novel.

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Plath intention is to ensure exploration of her inherent dilemma of double evil in the novel The Bell Jar where she is make the use of and alter ego as a her major protagonist . Plath is this novel, make us of cruel depth of the modern world by inflicting and inserting pain on her innocent image, Esther and in instead of bringing Esther to an end through death in the novel, she does it by killing the alter ego of Esther, Joan Gilling, to make a formation of a chain of mirror images viewing each other experience of brutality and torture and having the experience of brutality of the world in a manner which is indirect.

One of the symbol which is common in the Plaths work is that of the bell jar which shows that, along with the bell jar comes the suffocation images and torture that proves themselves in The Bell jar by Plath. Being that Plath was cursed with the illness of the mind,it is amazing that at the same time, she is able to recognize that and even end up documenting her illness through her writing. With, The Bell Jar being the major example in which such an idea is dormant in which she brings out the statement that How did I get the knowledge that someone_ at college in Europe somewhere , anywhere _ the ball jar with a serious distortions, wouldnt descend again.

Critically,the Bell Jar is entrapment and a move of putting one on behind glass display of sorts, its recognize as a basic relief to a mad individual having a separation on the air she breathes from the sane air with the fluted glass allowing the girl to breath the fresh air and the main character who was Esther, making an arranged appointment with death just like one is able to make arrangement with the doctor . in the Bell- Jar, a mental structure is identified to be a symbol of social oppression that makes Esther to reduce to a still born baby who is not in a position of growing . basically,the stagnation of the mind in the gar, signifies the state of psychology of all the 1950s American women in state. Through Esther experience, the feeling of being sealed from the rest of the world become true to her as a result of her illness and that all women are somehow sealed off from experience due to inequities. Additionally, symbol is applied to represent the feeling of being a dead fetus , being physically imputed and preserved in a jar.

On the other hand, feminism plays a central role to the Plaths entire literary outcome, the feminine sense of being enclosed is expressed by The Bell Jar story of a sensitive girl, hence motivating in an utmost desire to achieve liberation from it through self victimization. Surprisingly, a psychological spac is built by Esthers sense of social suppression between her outer and inner selves.additionally, in the Bell of Jar by Plath, struggle against social repression provide an end result of dual demon of a lady reducing her to split personality.

Feminism started as one of the popular term faminisme in france, that is around the end of the period 1800s. this terms evolved with time and it being criticized, changed, modified, reshaped and shaped taking a dynamic body in the non literary and most of the literary spheres of the world. On the other hand,feminity in feminism is potrayed to be a serious controversial , and it requires a csrious intercourse with the general textual body, feminism is therefore indirectly or directly in opposition to the and rocentricism .

The work of art Bell Jar which is done by Sylvia Plath is one of the psychological interpretation

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