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Date:  2021-07-02 09:33:07
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The atomic energy is created in a nuclear reaction when changes occur in the structure of the nuclei atoms. It is done by fission of heavy nucleus or fusion of light nuclei into heavier ones with accompanying loss of mass, usually produced in two different ways, as in man-made operations and in a natural way. The artificial nuclear reaction occurs in the explosion of atomic and hydrogen bonds, the nuclear energy is released in the process by the split of nuclei atoms a process known as nuclear fission. The process is done at the nuclear reactors. On the hand, the nuclear energy created naturally is formed when for instance, the stars and the sun make heat and light by nuclear reaction. The nuclear power is one of the alternative energy that alleviates resources such as the oil and coal scarcity problem, (Henderson).

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When properly utilized, nuclear energy has tremendous benefits to the people. Nuclear power plants are capable of producing electricity to help solve the coal and oil scarcity. The uranium required to undergo nuclear fission to generate energy is lesser when compared the amount of oil and coal combined that is required to produce the same amount of energy. It is therefore needless to worry about the scarcity of nuclear energy. When properly operated and monitored, the nuclear power plant does not release harmful contaminants into the atmosphere. It is not only economical but supports environment conservation, (Pandit).

Nuclear energy has proved to be of significant to the human race. Medical procedures utilize the functions of nuclear energy. This can be seen, for instance, brain tumors are diagnosed using the iodine radioisotopes whereas the MRI machines that are used for scanning in the hospitals. The atomic energy is useful in agriculture as the radioactive tracers are used in researches to find the best types of fertilizers formats. Industries use radioisotopes to detect hidden flaws and measuring thicknesses of products.

However, the atomic energy is limited due to several problems that are associated with its production and usage. The major concern is the atomic weapon created by utilizing the nuclear energy. Though many people believe that having such weapons, peace in the world can be achieved, it is quite the opposite because in cases of provocation, the countries with such weapons can cause tremendous devastation to humanity. The case of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is a clear demonstration of how the atomic energy can be lethal if used, both to humans and the environment, (Sagan). Nuclear power plants have a major problem of disposing of the waste such as nuclear fuels, the waste products from the nuclear reactors emits significant amounts of radioactive. For now, the waste can be stored in special cooling pools but does not last long, (Pandit).

From the information above, it is clear that the atomic energy benefits us economically as it reduces the costs of generating energy as compared to the use of coal and fossil fuels. However, it has dire consequences if not properly managed and can cause accidents such as the Chernobyl disaster that occurred in 1986 at the Ukrainian Chernobyl Power Plant and the Fukushima Power Plant in Japan that left behind lots of victims and caused destruction to the environment. The radioactive areas affected are still recovering and are not suitable for human settlements. Overall, the atomic energy is one of the successful human discoveries that has its benefits and also it is the most dangerous thing ever invented by a human based on how they society will utilize it.Works Cited

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