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Date:  2021-05-21 17:02:19
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Technically, a human is made in the image of the God and a presentation of Gods image on earth. God did not make only a few special people who looks similar to the God, but all of the people looks same. According to the Daniel L. Akin wrote his book ,Theology for the Church, about Genesis 1:26-27 is clearly the key textIt is the focal point of the entire creation account in Genesis 1. It is the only account that has both key terms. The Genesis 1:26-27 says Then God said, Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground, this critically shows that Gods wanted His image on earth to be presented , thats why He created man as a perfect image of Him. Therefore, God clearly told us that we are look alike to the God through the Bible. Also, many scholars are explaining more about God created man and woman in Gods image.Historically, Martin Luther was specifically the man who believe God created man and woman in His own image. Martin Luther believed that if man and woman had created in Gods image without sin, he or she would have a natural desire to love God and others.In reference to Genesis 6:27 God created humankind in his image,in the image of God he created them;male and female he created them; in this case both the male and female all have the image of God. Therefore, man and woman look like God, human beings have the image of God with the body of the man being the temple of God. Although human has sinful nature, God still let human have a control over the kingdom earth and power above all animals. Furthermore, God gave free will to human, to dominate the earth and power to take good care of Earth, furthermore, they were given the power to multiply and fill the earth which is the nature of God through His creative ability. Therefore, God created people as an image of God and He made people fulfill their Godly purpose on Earth. Since man has the image of God, he wants us to be like him enjoy His presence through our spiritual life.

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Basically, my current educational background is aviation. God giving the everyday gift of life, will make me have the greater chance to work at airliners,hence aiming to fly and enjoy the life traveling in the sky. After graduation with several certificates at Liberty University, I am hopeful that God will meet the desires of my heart since my dream and purpose is to represent the image of God through flying and serve others and God through flying.He will always be with me as I fly much safer as possible.

Critically the image of God could affect my chosen vocation in a unique dimension. Through choosing to become a pilot as a way of fulfilling my life and Godly purpose,It makes me have a lot of ways to impact others positively through portraying Gods good images like patients, faithfulness, loving, patience caring, and joy. Notably, is my God given the responsibility to spread the word of God.Basically,I am planning to go anywhere with pilot skills and as I navigate , bible and pastoring to other pilots,airline workers will be my priority as I serve my purpose and share the Gospel of God.Not all people have heard the word of God, many are just longing to hear about God and waiting for missionaries to visit their countries and cities.Additionally, in my free time and holiday times, I will as for chances in every country, crowd and to everyone who I will come in contact with on how God loves them and on how every human being is a representation of Gods image and God has good plans for everyone.notable, I will use my testimony to show others how God has been faithful in my life and all the battles, He has fought for me since I realized I am made in the image of God and I need to develop relationship with Him. I will actually do this from my personal examples. critically, If I have chance to fly North Korea, I will love to encourage the suffering Christians and even spread the gospel North Korea, the North Korean Christians normally hide in the bowels of the earth to praise God.since they have bad dictators who oppress Christians, they have to hide the bible and read or memorize several verses a day. Therefore, the bible is the really rare commodity to have. If I could fly to North Korea, I will give them bibles and pray with them. Lastly, I will fly back to my home country to show them Gods plans and love for my life and everyone's life.since my family members used to be a Christian but left for some perception on how some pastors just want money. I will take more on Gods love and how is grace is sufficient in everyone's life no matter any discouraging situation, I will remind them that God created them in His own image and they need to develop a relationship with their creator. Since my family believes Buddhism and the sun which are the heresy. I have to show them an image of God and God use me to persuade to bring back by every day reminding them that Gods love them and want to take care of them. This will result to people praising and glorifying God.

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