Essay Example on the Logic of Poor Stupid People

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Date:  2021-05-20

In her article dated 29th of October, 2013, Tressie McMillan fairly emphasizes how the inappropriate use of money by poor people, a cause that makes them stupid. By addressing a rather extended audience composed of people from all wakes of life, the writer tries to appeal to the audience on this subject matter. From her point of view, it can be said that people pay too much to get and remain poor than they could have to get rich.

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Based on her extensive research and education in the field of sociology and higher education works, it is with no doubt that the views she has expressed by Tressie are well sought and reliably observed to merit such a publication. Her modest approach in addressing the matter at hand is outstanding showing her expansive knowledge in appealing to audiences of both enthusiasts and critics in equal measure. She rather adopts an empathic attitude in addressing the blind obsession of poor people to live larger than they could afford. This can be further noted in the inclusion of her own not so fortunate background.

The writers logical approach to the subject matter is excellent as she argues her case out citing the tendency of not so rich individuals to purchase expensive and luxurious designer belts and expensive handbags. Citing a tweet by one Errol Louis on his disgust by the overspending by poor people, Tressie believes that this is an irrational thinking by these poor individuals that drains their resources and making others profit on their ignorance.

Her arguments revoke a feeling of pity and sympathy since they are bitter truths that would not settle well with the spending habits of most not so fortunate individuals. The writer has evoked these types of feelings through allusions of her past in similar situation and stark facts from the known experiences.

The writer has conclusively exposed the fact that poor misappropriate their money through irrational decisions hoping to purchase status and belonging. It is through this course that they easily get and stay poorer, while the fortunate reap upon their ignorance to get richer.

Mind over Mass Media

Steven Pinker in his Article on the New York Times dated June 10th, 2016, discusses the effect of mass media on the moral health and mental prowess of the society. The article that is widely read addresses an overwhelming audience in the United States and the world as well. This article adds much focus to the already prevalent debate on whether the mass media and other electronic technologies are a destruction or blessing to the current generation.

The writer incredibly addresses these issues considering his vast experience in Psychology and his authored works, including The Stuff of Thought. Using his knowledge in this area, he used well research facts on the effect of technology on the human thinking. He strongly, yet carefully dismisses conceptions and misguided thoughts that the new technology and mass media are a detriment to the society. The kind of modest approach he adopts to drive his point home, seeks to appeal to both enthusiasts and critics as well. This shows his expertise in writing and presentation of concrete ideas in publication.

The writers argument is based upon the rationale of the benefits of mass media and electronic technology outweighing the negative impacts upon the minds and morals of the users. He cites the importance of such technology to professionals such as research scientists. In fact the negativity is rather mind controlled and can be prevented on strong will. In addition to this argument, he cites unexplained fear that dates back to introduction of novels as the cause of the timid approach to the use of technology.

The writer invokes a feeling of confidence and encourages the current technology and mass media enthusiasts to maximize the benefits. He states in the concluding statements that despite the perceived negativity, it is through these techniques that humans can get smarter in carrying out their duties. Through studying the writers perception of mass media and electronic technology, it is evident that they are more of beneficial and are the only way to navigate through the increasingly complicated mode of life.


Pinker, S. (2014). Mind Over Mass Media. Retrieved 29 September 2016, from Outline for Project 1. (2016). Retrieved 29 September 2016, from

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