Essay on IMAX Theaters of High Quality Films

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Date:  2021-06-09

For ultimate movie going experience, you should consider catching up an IMA film. The moves that are screened in IMAX theaters are of high quality featuring state of the art pictures and sound thus boosting exceptional clarity. IMAX is a motion picture film format and set of cinema projection standards. It has a capability of recording and displaying images of far greater size and resolution and resolution. IMAX has designed their theaters in a multiplex design whereby the audience feels as if they are closer to the screen due to increased resolution. The moment you enter the IMAX theaters, the difference in this format is instantly noticeable, the screen is gigantic and big. The seats are positioned at a steep angle of up to 30 degrees allowing the viewer to face the screen directly. With this large screen and well-placed seats in the theater, the peripheral vision of the audience is filled. While the camera is moving, the audience viewer also experiences a sensational movement. Notably, the images go hand in hand with the sound, and stepping in this theater; there are 15,000 watts of power driving dozens of speakers, the sound system is soft and loud and can be felt during a bomb blast.

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IMAX has come up with two types of theaters, the first one id IMAX domes and in flat screened IMAX theaters and whether you are in the theater of domes, the effects is astonishing. The screens are big enough to fill your field of vision. As such, there is no distraction from outside, and this gives you an incredible feeling of involvement and improves emotion feeling. The dome system is equipped with a fisheye lens which squeezes a highly distorted 180 degrees field of view o 65 degrees IMAX film. The system provides a hemispherical screen that wraps the whole theater and can be 35 meters in diameter. The IMAX dome screen can be almost 80 feet in diameter. In this system, the audiences sit at a reclined angle to allow them to look up at an angle toward the center of the doomed screen.

The standard in flat screened theater has a huge rectangular screen with a typical size of 52 by 72 feet but can be even bigger. The screen is larger than other screens at a traditional movie theater. In this theater, the audience area is designed such a way that the audience is not obstructed in any way.

The sound is vital while watching a movie. In IMAX theaters, there is some surround sound system that is loud enough and specular enough to accompaniment their unique visual experience. The theaters are fixed with six dissimilar audio tracks that are channeled everywhere within the room to provide the viewer with the mentality that both images and sounds are in motion. Just like conventional theater, the speakers are placed both directly behind the theater to amplify the voice in the theater.

Even though the two theater provides an extraordinary experience to the audience, some system remains outstanding as compared to in flat screened theaters. The screens in dome theaters are humongous and engulf the entire field of vision.

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