Essay on Immorality and Injustice in the Great Gatsby Society

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Date:  2021-05-26

I am interested in the devastating immorality in the Great Gatsby society whereby the humble and the honest are suffering out of injustice practices in that society. I want to address the social injustice displayed by the author Jay Gatsby. In this society, many people have attained their high social class through an illegal acquisition of property. One of the most immoral behaviors is corruption whereby corruption has contributed to most of falling dreams in that society. Employment has been overturned to favor the rich and stable out of corruption and not the honestly hardworking and educated individuals. Most of the murder cases being experienced are because of property issues and the ambitions to have the best in the world. The illegalities which are taking place in that society are being favored more by corruption. Stealing is also another immoral behavior which has shown a high prevalence. The availability of corruption has favored the ambitions to acquire property illegally. This paper will answer the question why there is so much inequality in that society. Another question to be answered is why the social class gap is expanding day after the other. This paper will rely on literature reviews to support the trending immorality and injustice in the society.

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The Great Gatsby society is overwhelming with immorality and injustice acts which have turned down the honest and the humble in that society. In the ancient days, morals were passed from generation to generation, and this was a norm in the culture practices. Some of the immoralities being experienced Great Gatsby society are because the cultural norms and god morals have faded away. Being born in this era, you have all reason not to practice good behaviors at all. Immoral practices like killing, stealing, and force acquisition of properties is overwhelming in the society today. The materialistic desire to serve in the royal class and gaining popularity in richness has driven some individuals to commit crimes in the society that a straight person is not in a position to do. The Great Gatsby society was focused on America during the Jazz age. During this era (the 1920s through the 1930s) the Great Gatsby society was facing an economic change where everybody was expected to be wealthy and successful.

The injustice in this society is overwhelming since some of the illegal activities are taking place in the presence of legal actions. Sexual immorality is an immoral act which has affected women in this society. From the literature, the rich and wealthy merchants in this society have been associated with immoral sexual assaults to women of different ages. The society is again poisoned over wealth. Women are now interested in wealth and not love as it should be. The monetary drive has forced many ladies to fall into the trap of most wealthy men whose desire is sexual satisfaction, and that's all. Family disputes are also flooded in the Great Gatsby society following misunderstandings over properties. Richness has poisoned everybody in the society and achieving a social class that will place them at their self-actualization. The overwhelming corruption is another moral decay in this society. Every justice has been buried by having a corrupt society. Corruption is propelling some of the social injustices. The purpose of this paper is to illustrate how the society has changed its normal practices and lost its dreams towards having every other person satisfied.

The novel starts with a narration from Nicki who is a friend to Jay Gatsby ("The Great Gatsby" 2016). As Nick narrates, he lives in the neighborhood of Gatsby where he can watch over everything that is happening. Jay Gatsby's house is made up of valuable and expensive materials. The life of Jay Gatsby has been changed from a farmer brought up boy to royal class man ("The Great Gatsby" 2016). Tom and Daisy are characters in the novel that are couples and have a relationship which has not lasted for a long time. Daisy was once a lover to Gatsby, but due to his poverty at that time, he was not in a position to maintain the relationship ("The Great Gatsby" 2016). With the daily parties at the Gatsby house, Daisy is again pulled towards Gatsby, and as the novel ends, she is in love with Gatsby after divorcing with Tom ("The Great Gatsby" 2016). Tom has lost his wife out of fear to approach the wealthy Gatsby. Still, in their partying life, Daisy happens to knock off Wilson's wife (Myrtle) with Gatsby car. This action is so hurting to Wilson and he cannot cool down his bitterness. From the Nicks information about his wife's death, Wilson is informed about the cart that killed his wife that belonged to Gatsby ("The Great Gatsby" 2016). Wilson has ended up killing Gatsby to revenge for his loss. In the real sense, it is Daisy that killed Myrtle with Gatsby car. This society is filled with issues that are entangled top each other.

Based on this literature, the novel "The Great Gatsby" is focused on the American dreams in the 1920s society ("The Great Gatsby" 2016). This novel is a social critique where the practices in the American society have been criticized for demonstrating the social flaws experienced in the society at that moment ("The Great Gatsby" 2016). Again the novel was composed on the jazz age (1920's through the 1930's). During the jazz age, it was the time when countries and in particular America was experiencing prosperity and a flourishing economy. From the novel, Fitzgerald (a writer) has criticized the corruption of the American dream, and the immorality experienced during that era of the jazz age (Fitzgerald, 2013). According to the American dream, everyone in this society despite the social class was expected to have prosperity based on their efforts and skills. The assumption that everyone could benefit from the booming society was now the focus of the society. From the novel, Fitzgerald has illustrated what happened and the dream was no more (Fitzgerald, 2013).

The American dream of having everyone who was skilled prosper was killed by corruption, immorality, and injustice ("The Great Gatsby" 2016). The characters in the novel, as portrayed, they are full of the constant pursuit of wealth, glamor, and success for them to feel complete. Through a reflection of the Great Gatsby society, many of the wealthy people have a continued passion of acquiring wealth. From the novel, some characters like Tom and Daisy have portrayed the materialistic nature in most of the people in this society by their pursuit to have big houses, expensive cars and anything else that is valuable for them. From the American dream about everyone prosperity, it was expected that equality and justice would be practiced. From the novel, there is no justice at all. The wealthy people as portrayed by the novel, they have acquired their property illegally through corruption and organized crime. Jay Gatsby as a major character in the novel, he has transformed his character to show a social transformation of people due to ambition for wealth ("The Great Gatsby" 2016).

As portrayed in the novel, the ambitions for money and wealth have caused immorality cases like murder and other criminal activities to acquire property. In the Great Gatsby society, most people who are crazy about money and other wealth materials have caused the increased immoral behaviors in the society. Corruption has facilitated the justice decay in this society by favoring some people who haven't put handwork in acquiring their properties. Jay Gatsby is a character in the society who has acquired everything he desired through illegal means, and he is very immoral by having the desire for other people's wives. The social injustice as portrayed in the novel, most of the humble people has been affected by the overwhelming immorality and injustice. Additionally, after acquiring property, the wealthy individuals have continued to use this opportunity for sexual assaults and other crimes.


Immorality and injustice in the Great Gatsby society, therefore, has been facilitated by the ambitions to gain wealth and acquire success without much care on the impacts to the society. The incomplete justice practices in the society have also contributed to this decay. The legal arms have relaxed in their work to ensure justice and immoral behaviors are in line with the social trends. The truth in that society is that most of the wealth people have acquired the property illegally without justice. Corruption has killed most of the dreams in that society and is the most practiced immoral behavior. The increased crime has been caused by lack of justice in the society.


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