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Facebook Company has benefit programs that enable it to grow and forward thrash in the business operations. The programs enumerated include but not limited to support for new parents including payments made during vocational periods, support to vulnerable groups and sufficient vocational time for its employees, free meals, and protection of customer rights (Rehnen et al., 2017). Among the many benefits, it expands its operations creating a trust that is enhanced to increase the monetary value and support from the internal organization. Programs such as health, community-based programs, family, and finance are among the competitive areas that Facebook takes a notch into in order to put people across the globe together.

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Health programs with the Company include physical and mental health which encompasses insurance services and family health to ensure that all employees are protected against any kind of illness. Consequently, Facebook helps its employees to meet medical expenses in all healthy activities in order to pull them closer to providing support to the Company and therefore, the users (Rehnen et al., 2017). Facebook is committed to nurturing community talents both internally and externally. There are community programs such as the Facebook Resource group which enables its members to volunteer and enlighten people from their local communities. It also supports individuals with talents financially including giving of scholarships which assist them to further their careers.

The government has regulations pertaining to the type of programs Facebook should use in order to expand its business operations. To begin with community-based programs, the government allows it to sensitize people and keep them updated on instances such as poll forecasting which assists in estimating various social conditions that may be affecting individuals in different localities. For example, politics plays a role in social and economic activities and the polls which hasten the trust such people have in relation to ensuring sustainability of people (Abitbol & Lee, 2017). The polls estimate the solutions to the problems which should be leveraged at ensuring people well-being and development of the Company.

The government's new legislation provides a forum for building campaigns and awareness which enables community-based programs, health issues and political issues to be addressed (Karakus, Riley, & Goldman, 2017). To this approach, public opinions are the most important in ensuring the all are made aware of the activities happening in whatever the geographical location. Areas such as health insurances are also a priority to all people in the fact that, it helps to address health issues and other important health programs that they are supposed to know. Conversations done on Facebook helps to address issues such as public issues hence making people aware of some complications that may be affecting the people.

Fringe benefits of a group of employees and top senior executives of Facebook Company help them to complete the organization's activities such as taxes preparation which help to accumulate more bonuses for attracting more hires, especially for employees. Senior officials, on the other hand, get direct pay packages of their salary which sometimes is free from taxation. Allocation of incentives also assists the Company to accomplish its goals particularly growth and expansion of its shares and creation of a trust to other people. In the same parallel, the perquisites have benefits in the fact that, they are awarded to higher-ranking officials to help in financial planning for example in tax preparation services and pay-on-say.

Unions play a significant role in ensuring that salary structure and wage payments are clearly administered to employees and all staff in Facebook Company. This follows the observation of elements of compensation budgetary which include; variable incentive awards and bonus plans which despite the increase in the price of the budget, they increase the level of participation of the members in the organization. The communication process, especially on the compensation programs to employees in Facebook Company, is done by the various benefits where the explanation is done to every employee regardless of the position. Similarly, the dollar value, especially on health insurance, is distributed equally hence making the communication to be easy across all employees.

Facebook Company uses a total compensation strategy to communicate with the employees about their benefits hence making them feel valued. The process of communication is done using compensation statements which are tangible in the fact that, they explain the program benefits such as health, finance, and other supplementary benefits (Karakus, Riley, & Goldman, 2017). The process of total compensation communication is done at the end of every financial year so that employees will become aware of their benefits before starting another financial year. The implication of this is to sensitize employees to understand how useful their interests are in relation to increasing production.


In conclusion, Mark Zuckerberg's company is at the center of the periphery when it comes to benefit programs and value for employees. It stands at the top pack when it comes to benefits by the rate of growth and expansion in terms of input and output. Facebook looks at the community from a positive perspective despite the expenses it incurs such as giving its employees paid leaves and also putting compensation plans at the forefront. Its main aim is to expand its operations but at the same time connect all people to Facebook worldwide.


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