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Essay Sample on Causes and Effects of Dropping Out of College

Date:  2021-05-20 03:38:53
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Inability to balance between working and studies for those students employed is a cause to drop out of college. It is a great challenge to students since they must ensure full class and work attendance. In addition to this, the time factor is an integral element since they must report to class and place of work in time. Most students find it tough to establish a balance between work and college thus end up thinking either leaving the job or dropping out of school. Furthermore, college and work require the student`s commitment and dedication to be active in their education and work by inputting efforts and working diligently in the workplace to guarantee them retention. In most cases, students struggle with education, and it is at this juncture that they start thinking of dropping out of college (Todd and Ralph 18). Even though, they might struggle at work place the first ideology that clicks in their mind is dropping out of college. The obvious reason that a student prefers to drop out of college other than leaving their job is that they earn which in turn they pay their bills as compared to being a student their parents, guardians or scholarships caters for their fees and basic needs.

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The second cause of students dropping out of college is unexpected personal problems. Personal problems act as hindrance and deterrence to academics. Students in college-level face challenges such as relationships, drug addiction and to some health concerns. Personal problems to the students in particular among the female gender is grave in the sense that they face challenges such childbirth which tend to impact their academics negatively. Childbirth in ordinary occasions requires best care and condition to the child such as breastfeeding and some instances changing diapers. Once a female student in college has childcare responsibilities, and they do not have the right person to offer assistance the only choice they do have in their mind is dropping out of college. Personal problems range to health concern with a prime example of a student experiencing lung failure. It leads to dropping out of college because they are unable to concentrate on their studies since they face depression and sadness which renders them academically unfit. In the end, they drop out of college because the problems are unbearable. Whichever, reasons a student drops out of college they feel confident it is the right choice and path to follow not being aware of the effects to their life.

Effects of dropping out of college are evident in the job market in regards to earning. College dropouts in the job market earn lower than the degree level holders. In this case, dropping out of college presents a challenge to an individual of earning less as compared to their degree level counterparts. In addition to this, college dropouts have limited chances when it comes to hiring since the employers always perceive them as uncontrollable. The fear by the employers is because the dropout probability of having disciplinary matters that lead to leaving college is high. The employers feel it is a gamble they do not wish to encounter when they employ the person.

High unemployment rates is a critical effect to college drop outs. College dropouts unemployment rate is high. It is because college dropouts have low self-esteem. While, other dropouts have completely lost self-esteem. The dropouts have low or lost self-esteem because the job market is competitive and they are regretting their decision in life. Students opt to drop out of college with a mentality of shunning future regrets instead they face susceptibility to stiff competition in the job market that haunts their life. Dropping out of college to students bases on the ideology of avoiding future setbacks, wasted time, and some feel the education would not help them in their life.

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