Essay Sample on How the Society Views the Gender

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Date:  2021-05-21

Over the years sexuality has been associated with sexual attraction between people of opposite sex only. In the late 1800 sexuality was practiced but not openly talked about, this contradicts the contemporary society where bisexual, lesbians, and gay communities are accepted. In some countries heterosexuality is accepted and protected by the law. However, it is unaccepted in other regions and is viewed as a disgrace due to their culture and beliefs. Some people believe that heteronormativity is associated with elite groups. Thus, Sociologist try to ensure that every person grievances are heard and accepted in the society in order to enhance equality. Everyone has the right and freedom to be who he or she wants, this promote positivity and peace in a society thus avoiding tragedies such as suicide. However, some society are full of hypocrisy because they try to abolish such practices because they feel is not right due to their culture even when some of them are involved in such practices.

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The society view gender according to activities and attitudes deemed to be appropriate to ones sex over another. Masculinity and femininity over time has greatly influenced the social practices. However, today this perspectives have changed thus, leading to the emergency of transgender or gender queer. Sociologist consider this as social identities rather than personal identities. This is because they arise as a result of relationship among people and depend on social interaction and recognition. Moreover, femininity and masculinity have been considered to be unequal due to their responsibility and capability however, this has changed in modern society because equality is highly observed. People have different views about peoples gender but most countries are accepting gender equality however, transgender and gender queer are getting negative reaction due to culture and beliefs.

I believe sociology offers insights than journalism because sociology tries to identify the causes of gender and sex issues while as the same time ensuring the society accept and amend its laws in order to enhance equality. Gallup survey and believe that the society should support and protect the heterosexual people in order to enhance peace and acceptance in our societies. Communities should be educated on such views and parents advice on ways to handle their children with such cases.


What is your view on sexuality and gender?

Do you think the rights of LGBT communities should be recognized and protected under the law?

What is your communities take on sexuality and gender?

From your own perspective, what factors causes people to change their gender and sexuality?

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