Essay Sample on Importance of Intracompany Guides to Employees

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The intracompany guides are very important to employees for reference as outlined by the above literature review. For instance, Malik and Bergfeld (2015) demonstrate the importance of the intracompany guides to the employees. In their study, they demonstrate that the guides will help employees to make reference to points that they might have forgotten during the training phase of the change process. In this regard, the intracompany transfer of technology requires the employees to adapt to new ways of conducting operations. In order to achieve the full potential of efficiency, the company will require all employees to be fully able to operate the new technology. In this case, Malik and Bergfeld demonstrate the importance of communication in ensuring a smooth change in the organization. One of the major communications is the availability of effective user guides, which will ensure that all the business units are aware of how to utilize the new technology. As such, the user guides become the employees' main source of instant communication with the management, hence improving the change process.

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In the same way, the research by Faess and Matthyssens (2007) further shows the importance of user guides as references by employees. Since the authors demonstrate that size is of important effect in ensuring that a company attains the economic stability needed to make necessary investments in formalization, as well as achieving the increase in the direct and opportunity transaction costs of relational and trust-based governance forms, which in turn makes formalization more attractive to large firms. In this case, management of such large-scale organizations is shown to be challenging and that engaging the employees in personal contact with the management on daily basis is expensive. The user guides, therefore, become vital to the employees. Employees will, therefore, utilize the intracompany user guides as a reference towards the required code of conduct and the ways of operations for an organization on a day-to-day basis until he/she becomes fully accustomed to the organization's culture. Besides, Faess and Matthyssens (2007) demonstrate that standardization and formalization are key to the success of large-scale organizations. Achieving formalization requires the organization to have user guides in each of its subsidiaries, thereby making the user guides vital for references by the employees in each business unit.

Information to Be Included in the Intracompany Guide

According to the reviewed literature, there is some important information to be included in the intracompany user guides. The first information includes the recipient of each guide. This is evident in the interior ministry of the Czech Republic guide especially pertaining to the Intra-company Transfer Card. The recipient of each user guide is an important factor as it will enable the employee to understand which information is relevant to him/her. In the same way, the organizational culture and the rules that govern the company are important factors to be included in the user guides. In this case, the report by Simkiss and Brigs (2018) further demonstrate the importance of including the rules of the organization concerning the treatment of its intracompany and intercompany transactions. Each organization has its own culture, which must be specified if the company has to afford the full control of all its business. For brand loyalty, all customers should be subjected to the same quality of service irrespective of the branch of the organization visited. This, therefore, calls for the organization to clearly communicate its culture and the terms and conditions for each employee in the user guides.

In the user guides, another important component to be included is the update section. Each industry is facing constant change on daily basis. In this case, as outlined in the Umler report, the section of including real-time update is an important factor. The chain of command and the way of communicating any dispute among workers is very important and should, therefore, be included in the user guides.

Too Much Information in the User Guide

The Umler report and the ministry of the interior of the Czech Republic together with the Simkiss and Brigs (2018) report further demonstrate that the information included in the user guide should not be too much. In this case, care should be taken on the type and depth of the information included in the user guide since such information is meant to be useful. In this regard., it is possible to include too much information in the user guides. Organizations should, therefore, ensure that only important and applicable information is included in the user guides. All other information that might make the intracompany user guide to appear too bulky since it can increase the likelihood of a user overlooking some important information contained in the guide and instead concentrate on the other unnecessary ones.

Benefits of Intracompany Guides to the Daily Jobs of Employees

The above literature review demonstrates the importance of intracompany user guides in the daily duties of employees. The user guides help employees to be in agreement with the organization's culture. The user guides further show the guidelines that a person needs to follow while performing his/her daily duties and can be used as a source of reference especially when the employee is not sure of the way to handle a situation.


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