Essay Sample on Learning Bilingusim and Multilingusim

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Date:  2022-09-07


A bilingual person is anyone who can speak two different languages as an educated individual whereas multilingualism is the use of more than one language. Therefore, bilingualism is a special case of multilingualism. A multilingual individual mainly acquires the first language during childhood (mainly referred to as mother tongue) and it's very independent of formal education. The main aim of this essay is to highlight the understanding of a second language, the benefits of the language and the relations of bilingual and multilingual education with other disciplines

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Economical Beneficial

Multilingual and bilingual individuals have an important labor advantage in the market over monolingual individuals. To expound the above statement, its because they have the advantage of interacting with customers who speak different languages. In the US record, multilingual people earn up to 2000 $ hence they play a very important role in the market. Moreover, not only multilingual individual enjoy the above privilege but also the receptive bilinguals who can only understand another language but cannot speak (James 2017)

Multilingualism Within the Society

Linguistics classify various communities depending on the distribution of language involved in the community, they include diglossia, this is whereby there is the distribution of language involved in the community. Bilingualism, this is whereby there is no distribution of language hence it is difficult to determine the language used within a community. Finally Bipart- bilingualism, it is classified if it is observed that there is the use of more than one language within a small area but the majority being monolinguistic (Mary 2016).

Multilingualism in Software

With the rapid increase of markets due to international cooperation, businessmen use the software in their language. The most commercial software is available in an English version and other different languages version that is known (Johnson 2014). However, with the invention of the multilingual toolkit application, its possible to add other languages in applications hence enabling easy translation of languages

Multingulisim in Music Production

Most songs are either written in a common language or rather from the musician's language tongue. A study shows that bilingual songs of Troika album consist of settings of self-translation to English hence enabling ease understanding.


Learning of a second language to be a bilingual or multilingual individual has various benefits in the modern world especially economic benefits. With the knowledge of a second or more language, you have better relations and understanding in the different field, especially in the modern competitive world. Further research should be taken on how to ease mass awareness of mutlinguisim so as to ease communication.


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