Essay Sample on Liberty Challenges in Nineteenth-Century America

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The shape of the American method of life was impacted by the arrival of the Republic of the constitution. Also, slavery was taken to be the factor that shaped the American ways of conducting life. The political, social and economic aspects of the lives of people who lived as slaves showed a struggle for a gain of the more natural order of human while the white Americans remained to oppose the humanization.

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Some compromises started by the southern and northern states in 1787 for the Convention of American Constitution. There were direct taxes and representatives drawn from the states union for the critical numbers. The Missouri Compromise included the following outcomes on the ways of keeping the balance of different powers between free states and slave states. The Maine and Missouri were also added for the union of maintaining the balance.

The compromise of 1850 was on the Congress of passing five different bills that aided the diffusion of tension between the Free states and slave states. There was strict slave Fugitive enacting of slaves. Also, California got admitted to the union as a free nation, New Mexico and Utah territories were compromised by the popular sovereignty as the slavery remain a point of reference.

The Kansas - Nebraska Act had outcomes that comprised of the initialization of the opening up of new farms while the Transcontinental Railroad was made feasible (Brinkley, A 2015). The Kansas-Nebraska Act led to the division of the state and had to point it at the civil war. The Dred Scott Decision was reached in the year 1857, and this leads to the creation of tension on the challenges of slavery for the Americans. The black individuals were not taken to be people through the draft of a constitution in 1787.there were nine justices that came from the pro-slavery of the South thus giving the state's decision on slavery. The decision made also lead to simmering regional tensions; this took place for four years after which the Civil War explodes drastically.

The reason for the slavery being incompatible with our economic and political system is surrounded by slavery. Slavery is tracked to have taken place before the conditions of humanity were realized. The south did not seem to look for more profit from the slave trade thus impacting the politics and economics of America (Randall, & Donald, 2016). The slave owners were on the perception of showing the wealth on slaves and huge farms thus little interest on the investments and profits. Southern capitalism was impacted on adversely as the slavery between Southern and Northern states took course bringing in a lot of tensions. The tensions amongst the two countries lead to a separation that led to violence.

Slavery also caused the planters to advance on the diversity of the economic activities. The diversification experienced caused issues to the Southern state. The South was forced to be of much strain of advancement of manufacturing firms due to diversification and thus had to rely on imports brought from the North. Eventually, diversification caused a lot of problems to the economic activities of the Southern state therefore taken to be an impact that created the suppression of the economy of the South. The carrying of operations in the South had to depend abundantly to the imports got from the Northern states thus thriving there economics and politics to higher levels.

The first driving force which led to the civil war in America is there was the tension between the two states that is the Southern States and the Northern States which eventually brought about citizens being made to be slaves causing the unbalances within the unions. The second driving force was on the human slavery which existed in between the 18-19 century where it was brought about by people being brought from African countries to work for the whites by subjecting them to heavy work hence, brought about the civil war.

The third is during the election of Abraham Lincoln elections, this where Lincoln maintained liberal and conservative emancipation on the slave trade, where he never vowed during campaigns that he would abolish the slavery. He opposed the expansion of slavery to the western region hence posing a threat to the Southern State on slaveholding. The fourth is the Southern states feared that the election of Lincoln would lead to a halt in the continuation and the expansion of the slavery, between the whites and the blacks which he never talked about. Hence it was a significant threat. The fifth force was on the states' rights arguably it was the most significant to be an idea where the United will have to have individual rights (Weeks, William E. 2013).


By working on their own that is by being independent, this would have led to states being run on their own without being control by the national government. Also, there was the abolitionist movement which was mainly fueled by the fervor religious of the Great Awakening, which became prominent making a lot of people to advocate for it making the northern churches and politics noticeable. Hence, it contributed to animosity between south and north leading to the civil wars.


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