Essay Sample on Reasons For Why I Love Writing

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Date:  2022-10-19


I am passionate about taking part in writing. However, I hate it when it comes to grading at the end of my work. Writing always me to translate my feelings and thoughts into words as well as allows me to express myself. Similarly, writing enables me to convey explicit information and ideas to my fellows. The use of effective language in my writing skills allows me expands my experiences with different articles around, creates a personal cohesion and sharpens my communication. Writing enables me to know my reader's interest and always on track to give the best. Grading kills my passion for writing because it not only creates myriad to my thoughts but also taints my feelings. Writing ability will also help me meet my future careers amicably and with ease.

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To perfect my writing prowess and give the best to my audience, I will ensure that I have a proper command to the types of words I will use for both writing and speaking. This includes an examination of all the parts of speech to give a unified link for an actual writing process as well as the flow of thoughts. I will ensure a keen focus on standard errors in the sentence structures. Learning these errors such as run-on sentences, sentence fragments, and comma splices will my revision stage be adequate and comprehensive. My audience will also find an opportunity to my evaluation and remain focused on my work if the errors are minimal. At the revision stage, well-outlined errors will create an adverse agreement and correctness in my sentences. A sentence where; the subject, the verb, and the object are in unison coherency is adequate.

Errors in punctuation, spelling, and grammar are the significant hiccups in the relationship between the reader and the writer of an essay. Misplaced punctuation makes the essay boring due to lack of adequate pauses and concords in a sentence. Spellings makes it confusing because due to synonymous words the content may not be easily identified and analyzed. Poor grammar in judgment not only lowers the fluency in the essay but also shambles logical connections within the sentence structure. To the general article, misplaced words make it difficult to trace the flow if the essay is thereby making most readers to avoid the essay. A writer with incorrect punctuations makes the essay lack meaning. Division in words without clear identification of the right position and the type of question mark makes it hard to know where to pause as well as where to kick start again.

As a novice writer, my strength depends on writing what if one reads will help him or she develop and retain a more in-depth knowledge of the different ideas the text contains. I also ensure that the spellings are well maintained, and the word choice and position fits its position at all times. My grammar is up to date and explicit. No unnecessary jargons and vocabulary to my essay thus attract many readers. My punctuations are also superb and well placed. However, my weakness is the sentence length. Most of my sentences are unnecessarily long making the flow sometimes to lose meaning.

Google, internet, Facebook, email, histogram, and tweeter are the primary social media platform the links use with families and friends and to meet other people. Google and the internet share specific roles. They cover a wide range of persons. Facebook, email, histogram, and tweeter share a similar position. They link families and friends who have close contact with each other. The websites ease connectivity whereas the networking heightens the relationship.

Social media and social networking are becoming widely accepted in communication across the world. The new technologies have significantly advanced in education and journalism. They connect different families and friends through the reciprocal link. The platforms reduce unnecessary anxiety that other forms of communication are always associated with. Generally, they heighten the relationships between the parties involved.

My work depends on the least-to-most graphic organizer as the most useful in writing an essay. In connection which my thesis statement, it will enable me to have a chronological order of discussion. The methods will help develop consistent evidence to my chosen topic. Listing ideas from the least to the most make audience remain connected to the essay. The audience also finds an adequate connection with the article as complexities are maximally reduced. Good organizer enables me to eliminate unnecessary materials. Overall, I will remain focus to the topic.

I have come to understand how mailed letters are the most is the most convenient way to appreciate your role model. Through computers, the message reaches the intended audience faster. The network enables us to use different methods to express our information. However, most of the mailed documents aren't tangible, and we usually opt for alternatives. Mails don't reflect one's handwriting, and you can't tell of their age bracket. I find it easy to apply my skills in writing through the new technologies.

Mapping technique empowered my future skills. The method enabled me to discover different ideas. It helped me a proper way to relate the concepts. The technique improved my wits in writing. My thinking has also been heightened. It has also improved my time relations with the idea at hand. This shaped my development of plans in an essay.

Brainstorming improved my skills too. I can now make concrete essays. My points are topic oriented. None of them deviate from the flow. I can now involve other small groups to create a refined piece. My ideas easily fall within the cluster thus no deviations.


Free writing is the last technique that shaped my future interaction with the course. Without focusing on any topic, I can write anything. Free writing improves my writing speed. From scratch, I can now make coherent issues that have a chronological flow. I enable me to make corrections from the mistakes made on grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Overall, reviewing free writing makes it easy to comment on useful ideas.

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