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Essay Sample on Parental Support for Children

Date:  2021-10-01 16:37:48
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Parenting in todays generation has become one of the most controversial issues in the society thanks to the advancement in technology bringing about the acknowledgment of various cultures and their differences. As far as education is concerned, parents play a vital role in ensuring their children get the best education possible. This is not found only by taking them to the best schools there is but also the parent being there for the child in the educational jurisdiction and supporting the child in all aspects of the educational sector. Some parents have the perception that once they have taken their children to the best schools available, it is the teachers responsibility to now nurture the child in the best way they want. This, however, is not quite true for the child will need the parents support when it comes to encouragement because it is not always that easy and in fact, if the kid notices that the parent does not even follow up their education, they begin to lose interest in the school work and begin to revert to other activities.

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In the 18th century, it was considered the fathers job to deal with matters concerning school activities while the mother dealt with home activities. This stereotypical concept of male chauvinism has faded away over the centuries with the advancement of knowledge and the diversification of cultures and today we can boast the great number of attendance by female students and also the representation of children by their mothers not just their fathers. For a child to know that the parent is really following up on their education, the parent should occasionally ask about how they are progressing. In addition to this, the parent should also avail themselves of the childs school physically with the presence of the child or not, but with the acknowledgment of the child.

This is quite essential in order to show the child that they can actually come to the school environment and so the children should be careful in their activities. The parent should also learn to follow up with the teachers of the student or the relevant body in charge of the childs welfare while at school in order to know what the child lacks or what the child needs in order to have a smooth going in and out of the school environment. The steps to fulfill the full support of the education for the child is determined by how the parents conduct themselves and also the nature of the parent-teacher relationship existent that the parent will create. In the long run, the end product is to make sure that the child has identified that the parent is offering full support in the childs education and with this in mind, there will be much more determination in the education of the child and as a result, strive to please the parent.

The overall summary for the parents role in aiding of the childs education is for them to always be available for their children when it comes to any of the school matters. If the parents can come to school for the child in an occasion like parents day or the annual general meetings, this motivates the child a lot and shows support for them and makes them proceed with their education safely. The assistance of school activities that the child has by the parent is another way of showing the support that the parent has for the child. In addition to this, the parent will also know the progress of the child and communicate with the teachers on the relevant measures to proceed with maybe the child may be in need of some extra lessons or any other form of assistance.

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