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Examination of the Township Income - Statistics Paper Example

Date:  2021-05-28 17:25:47
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Examination of the township income level per household across all races revealed the following outcome as exhibited under Table 1.

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Table 1: Income Level

Race Income Level '000.'

African - American $ 43.00

White $ 68.00

Hispanic $ 30.00

Asians $ 31.00

Total $172.00

Mean $43.00

The study requires assessing whether the average household income in the township is greater than $100,000. The following is the hypothesis testing that would help achieve the intended objective:

The null hypothesis, H0: Average household income in the township is greater than $100,000.

An alternative hypothesis, HA: Average household income in the township is not greater than $100,000.

The mean income level in the township is $43,000. Using a one sample ttest on Excel, the following table displays the results;

Table 2: Hypothesis test

Race Income Level '000.'

African - American $ 43.00 Count $ 4.00

White $ 68.00 Mean $ 43.00

Hispanic $ 30.00 standard deviation .p $ 15.31

Asians $ 31.00 Standard error $ 7.66

Total 172 hyp mean 0

$ 43.00 alpha 0.05

tails 1

df 3.00

t stat $ 5.62

p value 0.005580626

t critical 2.353363435

sig yes

From the results, t stat > t critical. This implies that we reject the null hypothesis, thereby confirming that the average income level of households in the township is not greater than $100,000. The assertion is significant as revealed by pvalue (0.00055) < 0.05 (5% significance level) (Goatly, 2000).

Construct 95% CI for the proportion of households with the family history of heart disease, separately for each race.

Table 2 below reveals the results for CI interval constructed from the township population:

Table 2: 95% CI

Race Family History of Heart Disease 95% CI

African - American 8 7.123852

White 28 3.807859

Hispanic 6 8.225916

Asians 1 20.1493

Total 43

Standard Deviation 10.28044

Alpha 0.05

Population size 43

The CI is calculated using Excel confidence function. The assessment only takes the proportion of families with a history of heart disease across each race (Jackson, 2016). As revealed in the results, it can be shown that the White race has the smallest range, followed desperately by African-American race. Asians have the highest range. This implies that the prevalence of heart disease is risky among White than any other population (Carmo, 2016).


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Jackson, S. (2016). Research methods and statistics: a critical thinking approach. Singapore: Cengage Learning.

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