Exploring Movement in the Air: Engaging With the National Space and Air Museum - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-09


I had a concern in engineering from an early age. In one of summer vacations, I went the National Space and Air Museum. Firstly, I thought it was necessary to visit it since I had significant interest in planes and aviation. In the museum I saw a section with "movement in the air, it caught my attention due to my curiosity to learn about gravity and energy I wanted to know how the aspect related. To my astonishment there was a set up showing how objects move in the air. They explained how the planes could step up and be suspended in the air without falling or losing control. The air moves while it collides with the wings of the aircraft they produce a force that is above to lift it.

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The demonstration that was there overwhelmed me as I was able to find out how the force produced by the air and the plane collision is transformed into energy. I also got my answer as to why regardless the heights of the plane are heard. It is due to the resistance force between the air and the substantial body of the aircraft. Most of my time was spent analyzing the researches that were being practically demonstrated. My passion for physic was now strong as I had the basics of what aviation included.

In the museum, there was a section that showed the relationship between air, liquid, and gas as they are composition of an airplane. The study of such science was referred to as aerodynamics. I got not pass there was impressive demonstration that showed how the plane converts the liquid into gas for emission during flights. It increased my attention and thus was motivated to concentrate on my aerodynamic units in physic class.

The other section is the one that had optic and technology with it. I wanted to learn how the lasers were used to track the criminals by the security. The improved technology helped in enhancing the safety of people as the optics can be used to detect the crime. Optic fiber is also used to connect the internet. That was something that got my curiosity as I wanted to know the physics behind the rays being transmitted.

With the new things I learned in the museum, I realized there was much more about science and technology that was not aware of. I decided to improve on my AP physics classes and pay more concentration on the units regarding my interests. I also decided to look for a platform where people can interact and exchange ideas about science and the trend in technology. I found out there as a lot about science that the scientists have discovered about space and naval.

The optic and laser overwhelmed me as I did not know what they entail. But the demonstrator explains how the rays were given a variety of colours that made the ones using it to different what distinct color represented. The laser uses electricity to transmit energy. I was curious to know how power was transformed into a single ray. I continued to investigate and doing research as I had a dream to accomplish and I had to ray the basics before going for the significant task. I wondered how the tube-like things were reduced to be smaller and be used for security purposes. I remembered how fast technology is advancing and making things simple.

In class, during the units that I had majored and had more interest in like aerodynamics and optics I would ask the teacher a lot of questions. The teacher was amazed by my interest in science and technology, and therefore they started promoting me and encouraging me to explore my potential. That was the first passage that proved to me that I was capable of achieving my dream and fulfilling my desire of exploring the space and marines.

I started attending aviation and aerodynamic seminars where experienced scientists were invited to talk about science. I was motivated and encouraged to work hard towards realizing my dreams. There is a beautiful connection between sciences and marine only those who love it can understand. I wanted to join STEM to further my studies on science and aerodynamics, but the application was due, and I missed the chance. I have been going through books and any online source I come across regarding aerodynamics, optics or science and technology. I do this to get the knowledge and skills required to understand science easily.

My love for aviation and optics is still in me despite missing the chance as I have to go for what I desire to do. I want to invent a technology that can connect the space and marine without a mediatory to enhance more discoveries in science. The love I have for science and technology gives me the desire, the urge, and anticipation to be the one to discover what made up the ring around planet Saturn.

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