Gatsby's Secret Letter - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-10-10


Jay Gatsby wrote a letter to Daisy the night before he married Tom Buchanan. He really loved Daisy, but at that point Gatsby had been in war. This letter shows that Gatsby, who was a poor boy, loves Daisy and asks her to wait until he becomes a rich man. This reflects the optimism of Gatsby. The letter is filled with Gatsby’s beautiful emotions. Daisy read it and said that she didn't want Tom Buchanan to marry her, but that destiny meant that this marriage would occur. This was the secret letter that Gatsby wrote to Daisy.

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Dear Daisy, I wish you well and I miss your company. You are always in my thoughts and I remember you during these difficult times. Although I might not be able express my true feelings, I want to let you know that I truly love you. Although I believed we were married, I was shocked to discover that this wonderful and beautiful dream had been turned into a tragic reality. I also noticed your marriage to Tom Buchanan, a wealthy man. After hearing the news, I made a decision to do something. After the war, I cannot go back to my home to be with you. I ask that you wait for me, and for the true love we have formed, as long as it is possible for me to become a rich and great man. I will become as rich as him, and I can make all of your dreams come true. I want you understand that this is all for you. I wish I could stop time. My goal is your happiness. It is hard to believe that a normal, poor boy would be able to wait for me, but it is possible if you consider that our love was more than just a passing, normal love. Our love was real, deep, and full of hope and kindness. Our love was like a wall that could not be broken, an inseparable bond that every person deserves.

Your happiness is my only wish. I wish you all the best, and I appreciate your decision. I hope that your new life, which you are creating, is better and more joyful than when I was with you. Remember that you will always be in my heart. Your beautiful, white smile that sparkled like a pearl, and the way you looked at me made me feel truly in love. Your constant love was a constant for me and I hope we can be together again. Because I know this is not the end of us, I don't want to say goodbye. Jay Gatsby, my sincere condolences.

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