Gay & Straight Marriage: Understanding the Difference - Essay Sample

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Marriage is defined as an obligation between two people who have decided to stay together. It is also a relationship that is legally accepted between two persons where they have to live together. Gay marriage is also known as the same sex. In gay marriage, the people of the same gender have fallen in love and then they decide to live together afterward. Straight marriage is whereby an individual is attracted to the person of the opposite sex, they fall in love, marry, and then they live together. A person who is always engrossed by the opposite sex, he or she is known as heterosexual. Straight marriage is referred by social coupledom as two people who are having sexual intercourse together, they have decided to live together, and they are cooperating to achieve the requirements. For example, money, food, and shelter.

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According to a research that was conducted by the Pew Research Center, it stated that most of the people have started to support the marriage between people with the same sex for the past years (Geiger, Abigail, and Gretchen 2018). The report said that 62% of the Americans are supporting gay marriage while those who are opposing it are 32 % and this made the courts of America to legalize marriage between the same sex. A survey that was conducted by the Pew Research Center in 2013, 84% of Lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender said that the critical reason for getting married is love and does not matter whom you should marry or whom you should love. Other gay couples say that they had once fallen in love with the person of the opposite sex and they were heartbroken a couple of times and that is when they decided to try love for the people they are of the same gender, and it worked out very well for them.

A research that was conducted by the Bowling Green State University said that most citizens of America support gay marriage because the people of the same gender who are married are less likely to cheat on each other and this helps to reduce the family crisis (Joyner, Kara, Wendy, and Ryan2351-2374). Even though the stability between gay marriage and straight marriage none of them that have been proved more stable than the other because of the different religions in the world. For example, Christianity does not support marriage between the same people.

Many of the people of different who have been married for a long says that marriage is hard and one of the factors that contribute to the hardness of the marriage is cheating between the couple, and that is because most of them are not loyal, faithful and they lack trust to their partners. They said that bringing a woman and a man together makes the union harder because they described men as people for Mars and women they were from Venus. The union of man and woman is always hard because they are still different in various ways.

According to Garanzini and Salvatore, they said that the couples of the same sex do not face these challenges and that is why most people say that gay marriages are more superior than straight marriages (Garanzini, Salvatore, et al. 674-684). They suggested that it is vital for couples to find out what makes relationships work and this will help most couples to stay in their marriages without getting married. Although gay marriages and straight marriages share a lot in common, one of the most critical factors that make a succession of marital is how married people fight and how they solve their problems. It turned to be that gay couples resolve their issues much better than heterosexual couples and they always act better to each other when they engage in a fight. Garanzini said that what causes divorce among couple is how they fight and how they conduct themselves during the marriage (Garanzini, Salvatore, et al. 674-678). This showed people who are married to the opposite sex fight more than gay couples, and that is why gay couples have a refined style of fighting, and they can solve their conflicts quickly. This also explains as to why there are fewer divorces of gay couples compared to the separations of straight marriages.

In straight marriages, couples come up with topics like unfair distribution of tasks, problems concerning money and sex and most probably one person wants to be superior to the other. In most homes, the man is an excellent, but in a situation whereby the woman is earning more than the man, the woman wants to be, and she dares to assign many duties to the man claiming that she is the breadwinner and this makes the man feel like he is being oppressed and in cases like this divorce is more likely to occur. When gay couples fight, they are less defensive, and during their conversation, they soften it by using shared humor. When gay couples are having a conversation, they are always more open and direct to each other most when they are speaking about sex. These factors show that gay marriages are better and healthier couples.

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