Geography Essay on Mexico

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Date:  2022-11-05

What Is the Geographic Location of Mexico? What Is the Climate?

The United States of Mexico is a federal country between the Pacific Ocean, in the west of the Caribbean Sea. The country is bordered by the United States of America to the north and Guatemala to the southeast. Mexico belongs to the North American geographically but belongs to Latin America ethnologically.

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What Is the Demographic Make-up of the Population in Mexico? What Is the Cultural and Ethnic Make-up?

The country is approximately 2km2 with a population of almost 123.5 million making the second most populated nation in Latin America. The large component f the population is Spanish speaking people with diverse cultures. Some of the indigenous Mexican cultures include those of the Mayas, Toltec, and Aztecs.

Infrastructure of Mexico

Mexico brags of a wide range of infrastructural developments that set it apart from its peers. The well established infrastructural framework for Mexico is suitable for creating an enabling environment for business expansion and total growth. The country boast of some of the best-made roads that I [links its interior to the external world through airports and seaports. The Mexico New International Airport (NAIM) is one of the leading international airports across the globe. On its launch, the Mexican president Pena Neto disclosed that the construction of this airport cost the nation about $ 9.1B. The airport is able to ferry 68 million passengers by 2020. The NAIM airport is the biggest infrastructural project in Mexico and has been able to attract huge investments from across the world. The other airports are able to carry up to 90.4 million passengers, thus air transport is one of the greatest trade facilitators in the country.

Mexico brags of a well-run port system that runs a 24-hour system that covers more than 40 cargos. The major cargo system in the seaports is in charge of clearing of many imports into the country while also providing a channel to the exportation of materials outside the country. Mexico also has a working railways system as well as well structured roads that are operational.

The Textile Industry in Mexico

Mexico has had a robust textile industry that sprung to life in the 1990s. The textile industry in Mexico gained traction in the wake of the tariff reduction as a result of the free trade agreements, especially with the U.S. the export of the textile materials to the U.S has contributed massively to the export earnings for the Mexican nation injecting huge sums of resources into the economy. The country, however, has had to fight off stiff competition from the Asian nations that have also come up as strong trade partners.

What Type of Apparel and Textile Products Were Exported From Mexico to the USA?

The Mexican Textile sector is composed of both the artificial and synthetic apparels. The major textile exports to the U.S from Mexico include both the apparels, cardigans, bedding and other unprocessed materials.

Existing Bilateral Agreement Between USA and Mexico in Regard to Importation of Textile

The elimination fall quotas and import restrictions by the U.S have played a fundamental role in generating a major boost in the developments of the textile industry. This has been improved massively especially in the wake of the signing of the free-trade NAFTA agreement. The textile industry is one of the major incomes earning industry in Mexico contributing up to 13% of the GDP from the year2014 to 2018.

How Much Apparels and Textiles Were Exported Between USA and Mexico Last Year?

In 2017, for instance, Mexico exported textile worth $10.23B to the United States of America. This was an increase of about 117.2% from the exports in 2016. The entrance of China to the WTO is seen as a threat to the textile industry in Mexico, however, the country soldiers on, finding new markets besides U.S in Africa and other Latin American regions.


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