Gross Motor Skills & Child Development Benefits - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-04


Motor development can be defined as the ability of a child to grow both mentally and physically. The process of motor development can be categorized into several minor groups, each of which has a significant role in the body of a child.

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For instance, gross skills have the potentials of assisting children in gaining much strength, and even more confidence in their bodies. Additionally, as most nurses echo for the need of having regular exercises, gross skills can help a child to keep fit by involving in daily physical activities, which consequently helps them in maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Excellent motor skills on the hand usually help children to use their muscles correctly to develop and control their hands, finger, and thumbs. These skills frequently assist a child in completing various tasks such as feeding, grasping of objects, drawing shapes, and also in writing. For this reason, excellent skills may be the actual reason behind the children's ability to attend schools and learn accurately as they learn quickly to draw, write, and grasp objects.

Besides fine and gross motor skills, there is also motor reflex. An example of a motor reflex is grasped reflex. These skills are essential because they typically help children to develop their fine and gross motor skills (Flinchum, 2015). As a child grows and uses these skills repeatedly, they usually build their dendrites in some parts of the body like the brain, thus creating much more composite movements. Early and unique abilities are both necessary, and they tend to orient children towards a better life by having proper child development.

Effects of Motor Level Adjustments or Variations

While making adjustments in motor development, it is essential to consider specific age groups to ensure the variations do not pose adverse effects. Basically, children or years below the age of 10, should be subjected to an abrupt change of the motor development skills; instead, it should be progressively done to ascertain that upon the completion of the new method, and then a child is also well equipped and understands the entire system well. For example, when a teacher wants to introduce a new fine motor skill, it is essential to teach them the ability in bits for their brain to either forget the fundamental power of either drawing or writing that has been grasped or have both of the concepts (Gallahue, 2015). Failure to apply this strategy will make the children lose the focus quickly of the new incoming idea or may make them stretch their brain muscles beyond the required limit. For students of age 10 and above, the change can be done anytime on them, since their muscles at that age have developed enough and can accept changes very fast. This is because, their muscles for hands, brain, and other parts of the body have expanded and can thus accommodate a new idea comfortably without any excess exhaustion.


In conclusion, motor development is essential since, when a child is mentored well through all the motor development skills, then there is a higher probability that the child will be both mentally and physically upright at his/her old ages. Recent studies have stated that most of the children that are currently suffering from physical conditions never went through all the motor developments stages correctly.


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