How Diversity Affects Local Feed Yard

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Date:  2021-05-31

Diversity gets construed to affect local feed yard in several ways. Feed yard gets noted as the kind of an animal feeding mechanism that gets used in alternative animal farming for purposes of finishing livestock. Notably, the animals that get fed to the device mentioned getting based on horses, ships, chicken swine and beef cattle among others (Geor, 2). Therefore, the paper explores the prominent ethnic group working in sectors of food production in the area I got to grew up. It also depicts my belief on how the group in discussion impacted the economy, social structures and finally the education system.

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The ethnic group to get discussed gets noted as that of El Reno due to the purpose it served in seeing me grow up. The place also gets noted to offer space for the family local feed yard that gets recorded as Alfadale Feeders. As mentioned earlier the community works in a food production that promotes livestock rearing but in a diversified context due to the various merits that get brought on board by the diversification. Equally compelling, it gets construed that out of the aspect of diversification, the ethnic group tend to lay various impacts on the economy, social structure and even the education system.

Diversity in its context gets noted to offer alternative feeds to the local feed yard. It brings on board various nutrients that when put to use may enhance the local feed yard. The same gets depicted on how the ethnic group impacts the economy. It gets noted that the community promotes economic growth in all dimensions (Geor, 4). The economy gets promoted through the various inputs that get brought on board to improve the quality of local feed that get meant for finishing animals. The ethnic group in discussion buys individual feeds for alternative use as mentioned in the introductory paragraph and the end economic growth gets noted. Another way through which the group impacts the economy get based on surety on steady local feed purchase. An example gets observed from our local feed yard that got known as Alfadale feeders. We frequently purchased the diversified local feeds and through that economic credits got accrued by the economy.

Another impact of the ethnic group in line with the diversity of local feed yard gets noted on the social structure. The structure depicted got mentioned as the socioeconomic stratification or division through a precise relationship between social groups, classes, and lastly institutions. It gets noted that there existed some gap between those who could manage to apply the context of diversity. The community that gets discussed majorly focused on giving their animals the local feeds but there also existed some people amongst them who got to apply the diversified context for purposes of quality output (Guillou, Marion, and Gerard 4). It got noted that the aspect of social structure got depicted through the sense. It can, therefore, get argued diversity brought some issues of social rifts between those with the ability to utilize it in the local feeds and those who lack the ability.

The last impacts of the community get noted on the education system. It gets construed that diversity brought on board aspect of technology and innovation in the local feed yard. The evidence got based on the personal experiences I got to realize from our feed yard. The issues brought on board get considered to offer much significance in the education system. Another way through which the ethnic group in discussion impacted the education system got based on the variation of diversified context in local feed yards (Guillou, Marion, and Gerard, 7). The different context that led to various outputs in finishing animals got brought on board. Concepts such as those that offers an alternative and more nutritious feeds get considered to provide great vitality in the education sector especially in facilitating the student's understanding power.

Diversity gets depicted to provide certain effects to the local feed yard as mentioned in the entire paper. The effects get based on matters of increasing the quality of most of the finishing animals. Other effects get based on the initiation of technology and innovation that influences the economy and education system. Based on the discussed, diversity gets noted to offer much merit to the local feed yard as opposed to the demerits (Guillou, Marion, and Gerard, 9). Equally important to note, the possible ways should get developed to curb some of the demerits that get caused by the subject. For example, that of social structures where some social rifts get noted.


In summary, diversity in the local feed yard gets discussed in several aspects in the paper. The discussion starting with the community where I grew up to the various impacts that get noted in the sectors of the economy, social structure, and the education system. The paper acknowledges multiple significance that gets contributed in the areas. Some of the evidence also get noted from the examples accrued from our Alfadale local feed yard that got based in El Reno. Therefore, it gets pointed out that diversity entails much significance that should get considered not only in the local feed yards in El Reno but even in other sectors as well.

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