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Sex trafficking is one of the problems human trafficking victims undergo. Sex trafficking is defined as a current form of slavery where victims are forced or coerced into some commercial sex act. It involves getting victims from other countries, especially from developing countries to developed countries mainly to exploit them sexually. It is a menace to the current world because many unsuspecting people have fallen victims of this form of slavery. According to the statistics given by the International Labour Organization, there is a total of 20 million people who are victims of forced labor. Of the 20 million victims, 4 million are victims of sex trafficking. On another hand, victims of sex trafficking find either themselves in this business by trickery or force. Several victims have been tricked by being promised jobs in other countries which never materialize while others are merely kidnapped and forced into it. Some victims are also promised adventures, love, and protection only if they accept to migrate to another country. As stipulated by Moore et al. (2017), most victims enter into sex trafficking at a young age between 14 to 16 years because, at this age, they are too naive to understand what usually happens. Both sexes, male and female can be victims of sex trafficking. Sex trafficking is a complex problem that needs keen attention and solutions to it developed and implemented. This paper aims at defining a successful outcome to the settlement, the interventions that will be used to arrive at the answer and a discussion of the things that will make the intervention either easy or hard.

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First of all, it is important to note that a successful outcome of fighting sex trafficking will be visible when there are reduced cases of sex trafficking. This is to mean that if the number of sex trafficking victims was at 4.2 million in 2017, the number should have reduced up to even 3million in 2019. By this drop in the number of reported sex trafficking victims, it will be visible that the solution implemented in fighting sex trafficking was successful (Lutnick 2016).

Another evidence of a successful outcome is that there will be a high number of sex trafficking suspects in jails. This means that people who lure victims into sex trafficking will be behind bars. When they are in prison, there will be a reduced number of sex trafficking victims because there will be no one to make more people fall for their coercion and false promises. It is evident that suspects of this crime are often scot free because it is an offense that goes underwater thereby motivating them to continue participating in sex trafficking.

Additionally, a successful outcome of the solution to sex trafficking will be evident when more NGO's and other human rights organization are founded. When such bodies are formed, it means that more people have realized the impact of sex trafficking and are trying to fight it. It will also show that it has come to the attention of governments that their citizens are falling into sex trafficking. A significant drop in the cases of sex trafficking will be recorded because with the formation of NGO's and other human rights organizations will attract a lot of attention and therefore more people will be informed about this menace.

According to Lutnick (2016), a successful outcome of fighting sex trafficking will be in light when more countries tighten up rules concerning immigration and human rights. When a state becomes more vigilant to the immigration rules, it will scare suspects of human trafficking because they will need to look for other ways to bring in immigrants which might prove tough. This will make them lag behind in carrying on with sex trafficking activities. Also, there will be a successful outcome when countries put up strict measures on human rights. For example, a state could rule that suspects found guilty of sex trafficking will face a death sentence. Such a rigid rule will also make suspects coil their tails in fear of facing a death sentence. With the above-discussed points, it will be evident enough that the solution to human trafficking was successful.

For the solutions to become a reality, several interventions must be developed. One of the responses will be setting up organizations that will help in fighting sex trafficking. This intervention will only be useful depending on the roles the organization plays, the types of services they deliver and their criminal justice decision-making system. Examples of organizations that can be born to fight sex trafficking are; Anti-slavery organizations and sex trafficking awareness organizations (Varma et al. 2105).

The first type of organization that will be needed is an Anti-slavery organization. This suggestion could be given then a customized name for the organization generated. The roles of this type of organization will include lobby governments to sign anti-trafficking laws to protect those that are held victims of sex trafficking and to make sure that those that have fallen into sex trafficking find their deserved justice. With this role, anti-slavery organizations will have helped in intervening in finding solutions to sex trafficking. Another part that such an organization would play is to support other organizations that deal with sex trafficking. For example, it could support by helping organizations that are against sex trafficking in implementing prevention measures. Also, this organization would have the role of assisting victims of sex trafficking individually in finding justice. This is because some victims do not have anyone who can support them and therefore, such an organization could offer a helping hand in such situations.

Additionally, an anti-slavery organization would help in fighting sex trafficking by setting up campaigns across regions to educate people on matters to do with sex trafficking. It could give possible victims knowledge concerning what actions to take when they sense cases of traffickers. It could also train people on their human rights.

More importantly, the criminal justice decision system of this type of organization would matter (Vogler 2017). This organization could adopt the operational gaming system, whereby ordinary people assume the roles of sex traffickers. This means that these people pretend to be sex traffickers and through doing this, the organization gets to identify real sex traffickers and take possible action.

Another type of organization that could be formed is a sex trafficking awareness organization. The primary role of such an organization will be to provide the public with information about sex trafficking. This could be done by organizing training sessions for key people in a community or organizing national campaigns. Another role of such an organization will be to provide emotional well-being of sex trafficking victims. This is because after surviving such an ordeal, victims will undergo some trauma which when not handled professionally, could lead the victim into committing suicide.

The central criminal justice decision system a sex trafficking awareness organization would adopt is a group judgment model. In this model, decision making involves developing procedures and estimates from a particular group of people then probabilities are made. For example, it could give a chance on a specific bill about sex trafficking maturing into a law.

For the given intervention, there need to be things that will make the process easier. First, unwavering support from the governments will make the formation of organizations that deal with sex trafficking easier. There will be no challenges experienced when governments give a helping hand.

Availability of funds to implement the different interventions will make it easier. Organizations need money for activities to keep flowing. This is because workers within the organization will need to get paid. Also, when reaching out to the victims of sex trafficking, funds will be required to help victims in their healing journey.

One thing that will make the intervention harder is the fact that some countries do not have stable criminal justice policies. In some countries,, victims take a long time to get justice because there are too many cases in courts that have not been handled making new cases wait for long.


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