Liberalism: Promoting Liberty and Equality for People in Society - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-12-28


People tend to differ in their political views. As a liberalist, my ideas always aim to promote liberty and equality of individuals in society. In essence, I support the ideas, as well as programs that enhance freedom in various aspects such as speech, press, religion, civil rights and cooperation across the international platform. Based on my liberalism political view, people need to live in a democratic society where they can express themselves freely and talk about the existing forms of governance without any barriers put forth to deter them.

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As a liberalist, I believe that the government should be in a position to alleviate any social ills affecting the society and protect civil liberties and rights of the people they serve. As such, societal problems and suffering would be dealt with amicably. I agree with the results of my test on the liberalism political view. However, there are other political views like conservatism, centrism, libertarianism, and radicalism. Conservatism entails the political perspective that seeks to retain the traditional institutions within a social setting based on cultural and civilization contexts. Conservatives emphasize continuity and try to preserve stability in the society. These people are opposed to modernism as they seek to work with how things used to be traditionally (Frimer, Skitka, & Motyl, 2017).

On the other hand, centrists support a balance of social equality and hierarchy within operational systems. However, they oppose any political changes that might lead to a shift in society either to the right or to the left. In libertarianism, the philosophies and principles set are required to uphold liberty 9Frimer et al. 2017). Libertarians aim at maximizing autonomy and political freedom as they emphasize on individual judgment. In radicalism, political principles focus on the alteration of social structures by changing the existing value systems fundamentally.

Ideally, various factors and individuals have influenced the development of my political values as a liberalist. These include my family, friends, and social class. Based on the aspect of social class, I realized that existing governments tend to treat people differently depending on their levels in the social ladder. Precisely, individuals in the lower social class do not get equal opportunities as their counterparts in the upper social class. In most cases, the former is not allowed to express their opinions and views hence denying them the freedom of speech. This depicts a sense of inequality in society, which makes it challenging to distribute some of the essential resources equally to all people.

Regarding my family and friends, they always advised me to treat every person equally whenever I get to a position of power notwithstanding the conditions of different people. As such, I sought to focus on ideas that promote equality and liberty of individuals in the societal spectrum. I am always well-informed about how governments operate and the form of governance they give to the people they lead. Through this, I get adequately equipped with political issues that arise now and then, which might have either positive or negative influences on society. I understand whenever a given government is not doing the right thing that would impose dangers and threats to the people they govern.

Most of the political information that keeps me going is obtained from newspapers and television as these platforms equip me with the most accurate information on how various governments around the world operate. In essence, I get to know the existing gaps in the political arena. As a political activist, I advocate for equal rights of every person in the society as I interact with the public and understand political issues that are of great concern to them.


Frimer, J. A., Skitka, L. J., & Motyl, M. (2017). Liberals and conservatives are similarly motivated to avoid exposure to one another's opinions. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 72, 1-12. Retrieved from

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