Literary Analysis Essay of the Cask of Amontillado

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Date:  2022-09-07


The Cask of Amontillado is a fiction masterpiece by Poe that portrays incredible literal incorporation. The Cask of Amontillado is direct storytelling that engages the readers thought until the end of the fiction story. The plot of the fiction story involves the reader with the incredible punchlines that makes the reader feel as if they were at the catacombs and going deeper into the bones and dampness since the plot starts by informing the reader of what is going to happen (Ploe 21). The demise of Fortunato makes the reader feel as if they were part of the conspiracy towards the death.

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Poe employed various symbols that enhanced the flow of the plot successfully. For instance, Motley is used when the Montresor runs into Fortunato along the streets. Since Fortunato wears a multicolored cap portrays that Fortunato is a fool and his ego resulted in his knockdown along the street. The vault is a symbol of death. Montresor guides Fortunato to the vault which is a literal place of death. The vault is used to portray that it is a symbol of death and the fate of Fortunato is determined by it.

Poe employs foreshadowing throughout the literal the masterpiece. Foreshadowing starts as the narrator who seems to be talking to the reader guides the reader towards the fate of Fortunato. Montresor overtly indicates the ending of poverty as the fiction story starts by outlining aspects of vowed revenge on Fortunato after several insults that came from his heart (Plo 38). The element that Montresor outline that he is thinking about Fortunato's immolations symbolically portrays that he was thinking about an appropriate way of killing Fortunato as a sacrificial fashion. Another foreshadow portrayed in the fiction is Montresor's coat of arms and motto that represent the retribution that is underway.

The irony is also outlined throughout Poe's masterpiece, The Cask of Amontillado. The characters' names create verbal irony since the words of the characters seem to mean more than what they utter. There is a great irony in the name Fortunato which is a Latin name that can be Fortunatus, i.e., the blessed or fortunate one. Additionally, Fortunato can be related to fortune which is a hidden the way Fortunato's fate is hidden and propagated by his desires and curiosity.

Carnival is always portrayed as a time of celebration. Fortunato enhances the ironical appeal of carnival by being diverted from the taste of wine and public party, and he was taken to a private party where he was subjected to pain and displeasure Plo 23). Therefore, foreshadowing is employed by Plo as a way of enhancing dramatic irony (Arntzen 3). Dramatic irony is staged by Montresor who had sworn that he would stage his revenge on Fortunato no matter what Fortunato would do. Ironically, the name of Fortunato guides determines his fate by saying that "It will not kill me," and that he "was going to die" (Plo 23).

Psychology is also a literal factor that is employed throughout the plot. Poe made it easy to explore double in action aspect of psychology. For instance, Fortunato and Montresor enhance double in action appeal which is later incorporated in the fiction story. In summation, Montresor, during the carnival season recounts how he ran into Fortunato as a fulfillment of the plot to kill him.

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