Making Professional Partnerships Work: Communication & Decision Making - Research Paper

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Date:  2023-02-06


As a professional, it is critical to be able to understand the values and ethics of any form of professional partnership such as respect the divergent beliefs, roles, and expertise of other health practitioners. If the collaboration is expertly designed, it is likely to make work more comfortable and the outcome better. The practice involves communication and informed decision making to enhance the synergetic impact of a teamed knowledge and expertise formulated to work on a common objective of improving patient's health results((Farrell, Payne & Heye, 2015).

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The Position on Interprofessional Practice for a Professional Nursing Organization (ANA)

Every professional nursing organization such as ANA(American Nurses Association) tend to have unique values regarding professional practice; however, they all have an ultimate goal to enhance competent patient's outcome, promoting the experience of patient's care and minimize on the cost (Orchard, 2010). The American Nurses Association as an organization has its own exclusive position regarding the interprofessional practice. For instance, ANA supports and recognizes the partnering responsibility of registered nurses in care coordination procedure to enhance patient's healthcare quality across patients' population and also stewarding appropriate utilization of the available healthcare resources. ANA believes that registered nurses are qualified and skilled for the role of care coordination (Reeves, Perrier, Goldman, Freeth & Zwarenstein, 2013).

Collaborative Approach to Manage Ms Tuckerno's Care

In the case of Ms Tuckeno, the best strategy would be to delegate the roles of each team member and respect job roles. It is critical to distinguish the part of the internist and the nurse practitioner and how to assist each other in dealing with Ms Tuckerno's health issue. Without causing more confusion, professionals can communicate effectively. The practitioners can again design formula of assessing the patient's process collectively.


In conclusion, Interprofessional Practice is essential in nursing practices; however, it has to be line with the values and position that a specific organization stand for. Most health practitioners recognize the interprofessional practice since it has more benefits to a patient's health outcome and even to the medical practitioners as well.


Farrell, K., Payne, C., & Heye, M. (2015). Integrating interprofessional collaboration skills into the advanced practice registered nurse socialization process. Journal of Professional Nursing, 31(1), 5-10.

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